What Not to Do in First Class (or Any Cabin of the Plane, Really)

You should definitely not behave this way.

And you should definitely not behave this way if you are a pilot who wants to keep his job.

And you should definitely not behave this way if you are a pilot who wants to keep his job and have just returned from suspension for similar behavior.

After drinking several whiskeys, the pilot grabbed the woman, who was sitting next to her husband in first class, announcing, “I want to f**** her,” according to The Sun.

He attempted to get into the cockpit — even though he wasn’t part of the crew that day — declaring, “I want to rape the flight deck,” The Sun reported. He then collapsed in front of his passengers on the plane traveling from London to Japan, where he was scheduled to pick up another flight.

This incident wasn’t the first slip-up for the pilot — not part of the crew that day — a veteran first officer who just returned to his £100,000-a-year job after being suspended for punching a steward in the face last summer, according to The Sun.

For the record, the cabin crew on my recent British Airways first class flight were perfectly well-behaved.

(HT: sobore on Milepoint)

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  1. @Scottrick, dont forget, employees try to remain friendly with each other. The pilot was not on duty. While there are airlines who have policies against any employees drinking on a flight (especially if in uniform), it doesn’t mean that a polite request to an FA would be ignored, especially on a long flight.

  2. Don’t understand the “He then collapsed in front of his passengers” since he wasn’t part of the crew working that day.

  3. So now we know why BA charges those high surcharges to use AVIOS – first rate inflight entertainment!

  4. As they say, a few bad apples in no way undermine the hard work that thousands of men and women at the TSA do to keep us safe, day in and day out.

    Ahem, I mean BA


  5. And this is why, eons ago, I overheard this exchange in Swiss German. Security, asking to search a Cockpit crew member’s bag. The crew member replied, “silly, do you think I would put a bomb in my cockpit” ?
    The reply, “Of course not because if you do not let us search the bag you will not pass and you will not fly”

  6. Reminds me of the Air China flight where the mom behind me had her son poop in a plastic bag then put it under my seat…

  7. I have a serious question… when in first class, it it OK to ask for an extra amenity kit? I always get the men’s one and keep it for myself but I also want to ask for the women’s to give to my mom… but it it unacceptable to ask?

  8. @Lantean – sure go ahead and ask or ask for an extra set of PJs. They may not be able to accommodate, and the response may vary slightly by airline, but if you’re not too bashful just flatter the product… you love them so much, could you have one extra to take home as a souvenir? Etc. I don’t see the harm though I haven’t made the request myself.

  9. thanks Gary. i guess you’re right, no harm in asking… even tho i would not want to look like a loser… lol.

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