What the Personal Phone Calls From United Flight 93 Were Like

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  1. @WR2: LOL.

    Why does Kuwait need to ban Isreali’s? Wouldn’t the Isreali just fly a non-Kuwait airline since they wouldn’t be welcomed?
    I avoid Mexico, not because I dont like their citizens, but because I dont trust their legal system. Mexico does not need to ban me, and Kuwait Air doesn’t need to ban Isrealis.
    But if KA cant figure that out, what else are they missing? I will fly elsewhere in case they mistake me with an Israeli mid-flight and immediatly deplane me… without a parachute. Am I too paranoid?

  2. @WR2,
    That dude looking at the monitor is obviously an android (the robot kind, not the phone kind). 🙂

  3. Alvarez may have been an idiot to publicly blast United on Facebook but he’s not wrong. Continental Micronesia was its own separate entity before the Continental merger with United (or takeover if you prefer). Now there is no separate Micronesian entity…it’s all United…controlled out of Chicago. The last time I flew them I got stuck on Guam for 24 hours because our flight was an hour late from Honolulu (on account of being slow to load cargo) and I missed my Palau connector (and passengers going on to Manila were similarly stuck). The desk agent who was working on our temporary accommodations said that Chicago has no clue about what goes on out there.

    United cut Continental Micronesia service to Cairns from Guam. They cut the Yap-Palau leg which put a world of hurt on Yap tourism. They’ve retreated from Japan. They eliminated meal service on the 7+ hour Honolulu-Guam route. So seeing Alvarez blast United by pointing out how much better and more responsive Continental Micronesia was is not at all surprising to me. It was better.

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