What’s Inside Hyatt’s New Globalist Welcome Kit?

The new ‘World of Hyatt’ reboot of Hyatt’s loyalty program launched March 1. All new branding means new membership cards, and my top tier Globalist kit arrived in the mail yesterday.

The only real disappointment is the packaging. It shouldn’t matter, but bulk mail just doesn’t fit the exclusive image that they ought to be going for (and seem to be going for based on the contents).

Just a couple of years ago there were about 40,000 top tier Diamond members staying an average of about 40 nights a year. Existing Diamonds were grandfathered into Globalist status, but going forward a 60 night requirement — no ability to earn nights based on credit card spend, and no ‘stays’ path towards status — should thin out that group substantially.

More care in the way the addressing looks, and live postage, would have given the package a significantly better look and feel.

Inside there’s several pages of heavy card stock designed to be bound together by a rubber band.

There’s a welcome note from Hyatt’s Senior Vice President of Loyalty Jeff Zidell, and a description of the program.

Top tier status comes with 2 United Club passes per year. I was mildly annoyed when my Diamond status renewal kit came in the late fall with 2 club passes expiring June 2017, but I wondered whether two more might come with the Globalist kit. These expire June 2018.

United, presumably, is paying Hyatt to put their top travelers into the airline’s clubs and by extension onto United’s planes. United’s hotel relationship isn’t exclusive to Marriott.

Finally there’s a membership card — showing all the tier level names on them, because goodness knows I have a hard enough time keeping Globalist, Explorist, and Discoverist straight!

The heft of the pages and design of the card stock is nice. Receiving two more club passes is nice. I’d have loved a nicer packaging overall for it to come in, and perhaps luggage tags — since 60 night status in a 600 hotel chain is real loyalty.

If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t worry — I had been told that kits would be going out “over the next few weeks” which may just be the delivery variance of US Postal Service bulk mail.

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  1. Maybe I’m old fashioned but I liked the old black diamond card much more. When I got the WOH card, it just looks cheap. Also, it looks like all members get the same card except with a different status level highlighted?

  2. Your being a drama king.It was mailed First Class Presorted Mail which is available if you have 500 or more mail pieces along with a permit.It’s handled with the same first class processing as mail with stamp,includes forwarding and return services., but to receive the lower postage rate (about 20% savings), the addresses must be NCOA address updated, CASS certified, and put in to a presort order.Yes technically its correct to call it bulk mail but the majority of us think of bulk as standard or third class which may take several weeks to receive.

  3. Agree the packaging and delivery could have been better – but I am super grateful that this program still visibly seeks to make top level members feel appreciated.

  4. This is such a waste of money. Luggage tags would be useful, but all of this except the passes went to the trash.

  5. I agree and was totally underwhelmed. I mean Really Hyatt?

    On the flip side so far since the beginning of the year I have had nothing but positive at Hyatt. I also used one of the upgrades for an award stay in London over Christmas. My Hyatt person booked and already locked into a suite. Nice

    Should be interesting to see how it evolves over the year. Interestingly if you read the nay sayers posts online their mirror or political world today. If one loses it’s doom and gloom. UGH

  6. I agree with @Hao that the old black card looked nicer and reflected more distinct tier differentiation, but realistically who even uses these cards anymore? Perhaps they were useful years ago when lacking technology made it difficult for front desk staff to locate a membership number, but that’s largely a thing of the past. Couple that with Hyatt’s mobile app and digital wallet/card, and I think physical cards are pretty much pointless nowadays.

    I got my kit yesterday as well and had the same thought around the United passes; a bit of a WTF moment when I received last year’s renewal with a mid-2017 exp date, but nice to see new passes in this kit.

  7. Dear Hyatt.

    Would have been nice if the contents included a breakdown of the benefits (for all categories) in the mailing. Not such a minor point to be MIA. I’m always amazed when someone doesn’t show this to someone else asking for ‘what’s missing’?

    I remember a time in the early days of FF programs (1990’s), before the internet, when I looked forward to every piece of mail I received form an airline/hotel program, and actually read it cover to cover.

    What Hyatt sent was lots of words, with no substance.



  8. @Paul “Yes technically its correct to call it bulk mail” it’s not the technical terminology that’s at issue here in any case, it’s the presentation, the look and feel. A bar code, no stamp, looks and feels impersonal. Not a big deal in the scheme of things, but also in my view a poor choice considering the impression they seem to be going for.

  9. I was disappointed that there wasn’t something which specifically shows the benefits I’m entitled to (such as the automatic suite upgrades if available), so that I can laminate it, and take it with me if I get pushback on checkin at a hotel…

    I, too, preferred the black card.

  10. I actually think it’s pretty tacky to have all four status levels on the same card…clearly a cost savings measure vs. having distinct colors/designs per level.

    Or maybe to help FDCs know which are the “valued” customers coming in asking for a suite waving their (laminated) program T&Cs in the air 🙂

  11. Received my WOH membership packet today and the most useful thing Hyatt sent me was an exquisite and artfully crafted blue rubber band as well. So thanks Hyatt! Quite possibly one of the only positive aspects of WOH thus far.

  12. I agree this looked VERY cheap. The card with the other status levels printed on it as well.

  13. Thought it was really nicely made. Happy they changed the look and feel of the old typical hotel style brochure/piece of paper.

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