When American Airlines Says Their Schedule Is The Product, This Happens [Roundup]

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  1. Lord, I pray someone identifies the a**hole and he gets fined and blacklisted from Italy.

    And he’s so pleased with himself for doing it.

  2. Gary
    This was my point a few articles ago!!
    Time slots
    The big 3 have the same mentality.
    All other products run a far second.
    By all means I am no expert.
    But when more then half your work month has you traveling.
    You tend to notice how the airline business motto has changed.
    When Champagne and caviar were flowing in 1st class and travel was a pleasure. Now it’s a glorify Coach cabin (business). With very little to offer.
    For some out there it’s a hard pill to swallow..
    Most of us finally got it and know what to expect from most US Airlines.

  3. American is the perfect name for the Airline.
    Just like the nation the airline is a dying monstrosity that should be split apart.

  4. That meal doesn’t look super appetizing but the chicken is…very clearly not pink or raw? Why do people need to exaggerate like this?

  5. The problem with summer travel is the people who fly once a year get delayed or find a kleenex and think that’s the norm verses the exception. I have flown 100K plus for years in FC and Coach and once and a while, yes it’s not 100% or even 80% but it’s rare. These so called social media poster and influencers think they know it all and make a one time event seem like the norm. All businesses have issue and have the not perfect situation but it’s not the norm. My DL and AA experiences are very similar and 99% of the time very good.

    Listen up folks. . .your @#$% does stink and your not all that so get over yourselves.

    Thanks AA and DL for keeping us safe and getting us to where we want to go.

  6. Maybe the MHC stamp of the 747 is comparable to notches on a bed post… did it on that type, need to add other types … or there are other types and we just can’t see them?

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