When Delta Customer Service Won’t Take Smack From Customers:

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  1. LMAO ! This is another example of why people should stay in their lane. That is not a crow bar , that is a bin assist tool .

  2. It takes 2 to come together and amicably agree. Good customer services keeps business coming back and contributes to smooth upsells of related products and services.

  3. I have no idea who George Santos is but he truly has a gift of coming across as a world class jerk, which is maybe not the best prime characteristic for an aspiring politician – outside of Florida or Texas of course.

  4. @Tim
    So she isn’t able to reach up and close a bin but I’m to believe that she somehow will be able to drag multiple down the aisles and out of a burning aircraft?…..I mean that’s what flight attendants claim they do right?

  5. When an American Airlines flight attendant is of short stature, height-challenged, or considered a “little person,” a reasonable accommodation could be to use a bin assist tool that looks like a crowbar. Or, when he next airline tells me they are short-staffed, I will ecommend they hire “taller” employees.:)

  6. So many of you complain about everything especially the jerk who talked about flight attendants claiming they can bring burning people out of a plane. What an Ahole.

  7. Well now we now that’s a real person on that Twitter line and not a bot.

    Why can’t Delta just ban every Republican?

  8. The DOT just released its Air Travel Consumer Report covering August flights.
    They were the best performing among all carriers in on-time, cancellation rates and a number of other categories including consumer complaints.
    American logged a complaint ratio 4X higher than Delta while United was even higher.

    Delta, like every company, can always do better but Mr. Santos might familiarize himself with the airline industry, its regulators and their reports, and put his expectations in life with what the industry is delivering. If he can’t be happy w/ what Delta does, he likely won’t be happy period.

  9. It’s not the Airline ( company), it’s the person working for the company. Unfortunately, companies have some employees that are not professional, not customer service oriented… They are slick enough to get hired on with an interview, however their true self comes out on the job. This happens across the board in all workforce industries. It cracks me up when someone says they’ll never “go back,” “fly…” with (the company) again.

    Though, “the company” does have some responsibility with their employees. There’ may have been some (truthful) complaints on some of these employees that black eye the companies. Unfortunately, professionalism, discretion, kindness and love is difficult to teach to grown folks and they’ll continue to bring their ways of life into the workforce.

  10. @Chris I don’t know what people claim they do… I’ve been an FA for 33 years I am also a RN and work in an E.R. on the weekends. In My career I’ve evacuated 2 planes performed CPR about 15 times and delivered a baby on a plane … So to answer your question , YES !

  11. “ … a world class jerk, which is maybe not the best prime characteristic for an aspiring politician – outside of Florida or Texas of course.”

    Corrected “ … a world class jerk, which is maybe not the best prime characteristic for a politician – of course outside of Florida (too many to list) or Texas (way too many to list) or Ohio (Jordan) or Colorado (Boebert) or North Carolina (Cawthorn) or Georgia (Taylor Green) or Kentucky (all of ‘em).”

    In other words almost all GOP politicians are world class jerks (and that’s being nice).

  12. George Santos is a loser! He lost his bid for Congress last Nov. He is a phoney and a loser! So anything he states is not rationale, because he is an idiot as well!

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