Where To Find 4+ American Airlines Business Class Awards To Europe Right Now

American Airlines is known for being particularly stingy with international business class award space on its own flights. I redeem AAdvantage miles more than any other airline currency, but almost always for flights on their partners. So when there’s good space for valuable awards on American Airlines itself, I try to highlight it.

One route where you’ll find space that’s also indicative of an American Airlines trend is New York JFK-Paris where for November and January through March, 4 seats in business class are available for 66,000 miles each (one way). A ‘saver award’ is 57,500 miles, so it’s a premium, but one that’s swallowable. Not being a saver award means it isn’t available to partner frequent flyer programs though.

For November and January, a route I’ve covered a bunch before, Charlotte – Frankfurt is available for 4 awards in business class at 66,000 miles, while February actually has saver awards (57,500 miles and thus also bookable by partner frequent flyer programs).

Chicago – London Heathrow has saver awards in February, March at 66,000, April at 60,000, June at 68,500 and then saver award again in July. The lowest prices bounce around quite a lot based on what the airline is charging the program for seats.

Meanwhile New York JFK – London Heathrow has actual saver awards wide open January through April, and then again some space in July.

What I really do appreciate, with all of the uncertainty that remains in the pandemic and what destinations will work for travel, is that American eliminated mileage cancel and redeposit fees for all members. So you can make an AAdvantage award booking and if you need to change plans, put the miles back in your account for free. So grab opportunities while they’re available, you’re really just creating an option.

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  1. Ok, Gary, I’ll call you on this one. For someone woefully ignorant of the finer things in life, like me, it’s more than a little shocking to find that the cash copay per person is $917! To put that in perspective, AA is still selling coach tickets to Europe for $572 all-in. Also, coach tickets are 45K miles roundtrip with only an $89 copay. I suppose most, if not all, your readers already know stuff like this, but I didn’t.

    So it’s coach for me. And, by the way, coach non-stop tickets to Europe on AA metal for only 45K (the saver level) used to be hard to find. The current wide-open availability is news as well, or at least I think it should be.

  2. Sorry everyone ! I forgot to filter for AA flights only: the copay is actually only $153, which I guess isn’t bad. But I’ll still fly coach.

  3. American Airlines is potentially hiring right now possibly in Philadelphia if anyone is looking for a job with potential benefits.

  4. @Tom the co-pay must vary by destination. I booked a 1-seat award to AMS (via JFK) from the east coast for early November for $39.30 + 57.5Km .

  5. Gary’s correct on the JFK-Europe flights. Sadly (though not surprising) these are about the only TATL awards available for less than 110K. And even at 110K, you see most itineraries with numbing connections and timetables. Crumbs.

  6. Tom – coach is fine, but you’re better off putting all non-flight earning into cash-back if that’s your objective, because you’re getting less that a penny per mile value in your example (572-89 is 483 cost difference, plus a revenue ticket earns 5-11miles per dollar and any additional CC earnings). so you’re saving <$500, spending 45k miles, and forgoing another ~5k miles/points earn.

    That's probably why there's less discussion of coach awards.

    Also, sleeping in a bed on a plane really can add an extra useful day to your travels and help a lot with jet lag.

  7. @Tom – there’s no such cash copay like that on an AAdvantage redemption for travel on American Airlines, perhaps you pulled up a British Airways itinerary?

  8. Gary: There most assuredly is a copay on AA-metal miles tickets. This ticket (coach to Europe) I actually bought. The copay was $89. On domestic tickets (e.g. to LGA for me), it’s more like $11.20. Maybe copay isn’t the right word, but it’s actual cash money nonetheless.

    I realize no one will read this; so this comment is just for you.

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