The White House Prostitution Scandal: DHS Inspector General Learns 2nd Guest is Free for HHonors Members

When the secret service prostitution scandal first broke in 2012, Spirit Airlines ran a sale.

But it turns out that wasn’t the only travel angle to the story, aside from the fact that it occurred in Cartagena.

The story is back in the news because of a recent news report that the Administration was aware that one of their own advance team members (and not just secret service) had a prostitute spend the night at the hotel where the President would be staying.

DHS inspector general’s office investigation found that he didn’t pay the hotel’s extra person charge for the prostitute who spent the night in his room. But it turns out he didn’t break any rules Why?

[H]otel officials had waived a fee normally charged to guests staying overnight. Hilton Worldwide officials in Virginia said their records showed Dach “was not charged for additional guest as a benefit of Hilton Honor Member.”

Unfortunately for him, the HHonors program didn’t absolve him of the need to register his overnight guest — just to pay the hotel for her stay.

(HT: Dan R.)

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  1. Nice. Maybe if he had stayed at a Starwood hotel they would have encouraged the “extra guest” 🙂

  2. “White House Prostitution Scandal” as a lead-in is dishonest at a minimum, although slanderous is probably more accurate.

  3. Gary, I’m not normally the type to tell others what they should be putting in their blog. But: I can’t believe you didn’t use the term “HHookers”. 🙂

    And AS–if recent news reports are to be believed, at the very least a White House aide is involved with this thing so the headline is completely fair.

  4. Perhaps it might become a “White House Prostitution Scandal” but it sure ain’t right now. Even Breibart isn’t using that phrase. I agree with AS and I expect more from Gary than the headline he used. (Although I see nothing wrong at all with the post itself…)

  5. @Michael T- perhaps it would have been better grammatically to make it possessive (as in THEIR scandal, the one they’re dealing with) rather than suggesting it was one AT the white house, grammar wasn’t my strong suit after an overnight flight it seems

  6. I’m not sure why anyone is surpsrised at the sensational headline from Gary. We all know he hates government.

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