Who Thought They Could Fit a Catering Truck Underneath a Regional Jet? (American Flight Cancelled Last Night…)

A catering van lodged itself underneath American Eagle 2686 last night. The flight was operated by Express Jet and was supposed to fly Dallas Fort Worth to Fort Walton Beach last night but was, umm, cancelled.

@phm7171 tweeted:

Let’s take a closer look:

This was an Embraer ERJ-145, in a single cabin configuration. There couldn’t have been that much catering they even needed to load for this 2 hour flight which was scheduled to depart at 8:25pm. Unfortunately for the passengers while American operates a 9:55pm flight five days a week, it’s not on the schedule for Fridays.

The story of what happened here should ultimately be pretty interesting, as this looks like one of those “add your caption here” photos.

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  1. @Mark post-worthy is whatever interests me at the time, and readership (up 84% in 6 months) suggests that there are folks out there whose interests align. Naturally, opinions vary.

  2. Which brings up an interesting question, why don’t they fly more late night Friday and Sunday flights?

    If a standard person who is employed in the United States works from M-F 9AM-5PM and the airline industry exists only to serve United States citizens ( we won’t get into the international aspect of airlines) , but if airlines are afforded certain protections ( we can debate whether that is actually true in practice until we’re blue) , but why is it that there are so many flights available Early Monday through Friday, but so few at night when other workers , those who make up a majority of the United States workforce, are free to travel?

    The never-ending series of non sequitur logical stances of this industry are at least entertaining.

    Ahem, cough cough, we simply operate on a SUPPLY and DEMAND basis … cough cough…. Ok so your greatest demand might be . . . … Ahem .. cough cough well yes but supply and demand mean different things to different people…. ahem cough cough.

  3. Recent news articles have shown the ‘accelerator stuck’ excuse has played out, even for forgetter geezers. Hopefully the driver didn’t have one of those defective and dangerous air bag go off.

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