Whole Plane Sings “Baby Shark” To Comfort Crying Child

On March 10 a passenger on board flyDubai from Dubai to Tirana, Albania filmed the moment when the entire cabin pitched in to cheer up a crying child, breaking out in song to PinkFong’s “Baby Shark.” Everyone claps and sings and then the camera cuts to the crying toddler.

This child reportedly started crying shortly before takeoff. A passenger sitting behind the child “started quietly murmuring the words” to the song. Then another joined in, and another, and suddenly the whole cabin had busted out the cringeworthy meme like one giant slow clap. The video, posted to TikTok by Parikshit Balochi, has been viewed over 8 million times.

@parikshitbalochi baby Shark! #fyp #flydubai #foryoupage #babyshark #dubai ♬ One Night in Dubai – Arash

Baby Shark was the first video on YouTube viewed over 10 billion times, known the world over both for its deep annoyance and the fascination it holds for young children. In New Zealand, authorities blasted Baby Shark to annoy anti-Covid restriction protestors, but the protestors turned it into a sing-a-long. In Oklahoma inmates were forcibly subjected to Baby Shark for hours on end lading to a civil rights lawsuit. According to parody site Bablyon Bee ISIS has claimed responsibility for Baby Shark.

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  1. Fred, what if the baby was being transported to St. Jude’s Hospital for cancer treatment. Or, what if the babies were being evacuated from a war zone? Would that be okay? Just curious.

  2. Except for the two scenarios Reno Joe mentioned, I think everyone agrees with Fred that babies shouldn’t fly. They scream; they kick the backseat; they cry… babies really disturb other passengers.

  3. The problem with blanket statements like “babies don’t belong on planes” is exactly what Todd, or I guess Joe, points out.

    There is also a health argument: it’s probably not good for babies to be subject to cabin pressure changes, the roar of a jet engine, and the general bacteria and grime ever present in airplanes and airports.

  4. babies don’t kick the back of your seat, as their legs are too short, toddlers do. get your facts straight.

  5. @ Fred
    There is one thing I wish on you. When the crying kid carried by Dad passes you, the kid barfs on you. Karma.

  6. Good thing T and Fred were never babies.

    When I first traveled with a baby, he started crying. A man next to us said “that’s the sound of life, always happy.” Ever since then crying babies haven’t bothered me and I try to tell obviously stressed out parents with babies that we’ve all been there and it’ll all be all right. Happened on my Atlanta-Istanbul flight last night. A nice couple in business class with a 6 month old. Baby cried a bit at the start of the flight. They were very apologetic. I told them it’s all good. And somehow we all survived.

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