Why Airlines Lie About Needing To Gate Check Carry On Bags [Roundup]

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  1. Had stated that I anticipated CPH-MSP would happen as a combination of DL@MSP and the Cargill/Minnesota guys involvement in SAS’s anticipated new cap table that comes with Swedes finally exiting as a shareholder with the bankruptcy process.

    Looking forward to the route. By the way, the route really has nothing to do with how many people in the MSP/Minnesota area have Scandinavian ethnic roots.

  2. Would love to see MSP get ET service. MSP seems to be getting some international route expansion as of late that I really will appreciate: Lufthansa, Aer Lingus, SAS departing MSP and can only hope Ethiopian comes in too. But I expect Ethiopian is much less likely to pick MSP than it is to pick IAH.

  3. As for overhead space, my biggest gripe are the purses, coats, and laptop bags that go overhead. I guess I’m a bit forward, but I have asked “Who’s purse is this, can I re-stack it to accommodate my carry on?” I’ve gotten the Evil Eye stare in the past, but my bag is as valuable as your purse!!

  4. I have seen American force group 9 to check their bags on half empty flight to punish them for buying basic economy

  5. @Esaphie3 The perp walk of the last to board is usually punishment enough unless you have aa flight attendants…

  6. My bag is right size and I’ve been asked to check it then I see guys with backpacks 3 times the size of my carryon

    I also think the personnel pick on people alone or older people I’ve flown for years they are getting more miserable

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