Why Dr. Fauci Is Wrong On A Domestic Air Travel Vaccine Mandate

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been making the rounds on public affairs programs for several days talking up vaccination requirements for domestic travel. He emphasizes in each case that it makes sense for international travel to keep virus cases out of the country (but unvaccinated Americans are allowed to return, and the virus is already spreading here rapidly).

Fauci then goes on to suggest that a domestic vaccine travel requirement would make sense, not to ‘keep the virus out’, but to serve as an incentive to get vaccinated. Fauci has headed the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for 37 years. His comments are not by accident. However in addition to being legally questionable, such a requirement may wind up having the opposite effect Fauci hopes.

I would personally love this because those who are vaccinated and boosted with mRNA vaccines are less likely to get infected, clear the virus more quickly, and have virus coated in antibodies when they are infectious. In other words being surrounded only by vaccinated passengers would mean a safer environment within which I could travel.

However I do not favor it because,

  • The U.S. is not pursuing, and has never pursued, a zero covid strategy which would at least make domestic travel restrictions coherent
  • The virus is already spreading widely in the country, limiting travel to those who are vaccinated won’t ‘prevent spread’
  • And breakthrough cases are real, those who are vaccinated do get and spread the virus, just at lower rates than those who are not
  • Flying isn’t a less safe environment than other indoor congregant activities that have no such legal restriction
  • And the Supreme Court has consistently held that there’s a fundamental right to interstate travel. Cf. Crandall v. Nevada, 73 U.S. 35 (1868); United States v. Guest, 383 U.S. 745 (1966). While the court hasn’t found a specific right to particular modes of transportation, placing restrictions on air travel from New York to California or Miami to Seattle would represent a substantial burden on these rights.

Since there are fundamental rights involved, at a minimum there would have to be carveouts to avoid infringing on religious liberty as well as those unable to obtain protection from vaccines. That means either placing a burden on airlines to grant or deny vaccine exemptions, or creating a federal vaccine passport and exemption system.

Of course the data behind who is and isn’t vaccinated is generally held at the state level, and there’s no good way to do this federally. The CDC can’t even keep track of boosters versus first doses. Our federal system and data issues make this impractical.

Ultimately though Fauci’s ‘incentive to get vaccinated’ argument falls flat. And that’s because he’s no longer talking about the science of vaccines, but about human psychology and about marginal benefits of political actions. U.S. public health authorities have consistently messed up the messaging, which has led to counterproductive results, and they’d be doing the same here.

  • There’s little marginal vaccination left to encourage. Ninety percent of Americans aged 65-74 are fully vaccinated while the figure for those 75 and older is 85%. Over 80% of U.S. adults have taken a shot. As existing vaccine mandates kick, and as Omicron spreads, that’ll probably rise to 85%. In any setting there’s always going to be some vaccine refusals – that was true pre-pandemic. And not everyone flies.

  • This could backfire with even more skepticism – including for other vaccines. Fauci is right that there would be some people along a certain margin who would get vaccinated if there was a domestic air travel requirement. But that comes at a significant cost to rights, creates a significant bureaucracy to fly, all for little marginal benefit. And it likely creates even greater vaccine resistance not just to this vaccine, but as spillover to all vaccines. So there’s a public health cost.

  • There may be more effective means available. Early in the year when Congress voted stimmies to most Americans I wrote that payments should be tied to vaccination. Fauci focuses on domestic air travel because there’s some federal authority here, not because it’s the strongest lever to pull. The Biden administration is pursuing a number of other mandates, which the Supreme Court will consider in early January. They haven’t yet tried large dollar incentives for remaining holdouts to pick up a similar marginal increment.

  • Boosters are a better strategy for public health than forcing vaccines on remaining holdouts. At this point there’s far more benefit to clear, coherent messaging on booster shots than there is trying to force a first shot on those unwilling to take one. And the government has already screwed that up, since the FDA advisory committee initially voted against boosters for everyone because Biden had promised them, appearing to undercut their authority.

    We know from the data on Omicron that boosters do more than first and second doses to generate protection, and boosters can have an effect on the current Omicron wave while putting needles into the arms of those who haven’t yet had a first shot likely will not (because of the waiting period after each shot to get the next dose).

Mostly a domestic air travel vaccine requirement would be for show, in the face of a federal inability to take decisive action that ameliorates the pandemic. It’s taken 21 months for the government to prioritize testing, and they’re still moving too slowly. How the government didn’t step in with multibillion dollar at-risk orders for Paxlovid to speed up production months ago is hard to even fathom.

I would love to fly only with those that are vaxxed, and by the way only with those that are tested same day (not previous day) as well. However as a matter of public policy this isn’t the best way to manage air travel or the pandemic. Let’s focus on encouraging boosters, fast-tracking multivalent boosters, and on researching next generation vaccines (including pan-coronavirus vaccines). And let’s quickly approve billions of tests, not hundreds of millions, so that we can all test regularly before interacting with others. Airlines might even consider waiving penalties on basic economy tickets for passengers who test positive.

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  1. Dear Gary,
    I would very much like a vaccine requirement for flying. It is annoying sitting next to or adjacent to coughing children or chin diaper wearing adults who hold a cup, can or bottle in their hand as an excuse.

    I would feel safer if my seat opponents were fully vaccinated, including a booster shot.

  2. I’m sick to death of the “you have no right to risk my life” mantra of the authoritarian leninists in the U.S. As a 40+ year pro-driver I can say (you) people (everyone of you) risk my life a bazillion times a day with the stupid dung stunts you pull behind the wheel. So STFU.

  3. Already walked it back within hours.

    “Follow the Experts”. Follow this one and you end up in circles. AGAIN.

    Anthony Fauci on Monday said Americans shouldn’t expect a Covid vaccination requirement for domestic air travel in the near future unless “things change dramatically.”

    The comments come after the president’s chief medical adviser said earlier in the day that such a requirement should “seriously” be considered for travelers in the United States. Fauci said Monday evening that this should be another policy tool under consideration, but that he wasn’t suggesting it was likely to happen.

  4. The high dollar incentives have been tried in Colorado and elsewhere. No evidence that they moved the needle.

  5. As stated, Fauci ran a trial balloon up the flag pole by suggesting a domestic vaccine requirement and had it shot down. Given that the majority of Americans no longer believe the current Administration is handling covid well, it isn’t a surprise that the President just told governors that covid is probably something that needs to be handled by the states – which is also likely in preparation for having a bunch of policies ruled illegal by the Supreme Court.

    Those that argue about other’s rights being violated because someone else doesn’t vaccinate or voluntarily mask should tell us what other disease in the history of the United States has involved a multi-year requirement for the healthy to do something in the interests of the country. Covid is not the first infectious disease, even transmitted by respiratory means, and yet people somehow think that they should require someone else to do something to protect them. You don’t run around asking someone’s TB status or whether they had the flu shot or any other health related status – and people somehow think they can justify it by the scope of what has been but not necessarily is covid now. If you believe in the vaccine or wearing masks for yourself, then they don’t need to force other people to do something for your benefit. If someone has to do something for your benefit, then there really is no security in those procedures for you – in which case you should not expect to be running around the world during a pandemic but should stay home.
    And the constitution does not address disease but it does address outside threats including of a military nature. It does not allow the government to remove your rights in the name of the country – and there is no gray; the requirements are either black or white – allowed or not allowed.

    As for driving, I hate driving in the US more than any other developed country precisely because Americans approach traffic just like they do with everything else – whatever they want, everyone else be damned. But there are liabilities you incur – and they can be very steep – if you harm someone or their property while driving; whether others don’t like how you drive is immaterial if you aren’t violating laws.

    Alot of these covid actions might have made sense 1 1/2 years ago but covid is now nothing but a nuisance for the vast majority of people, producing mild symptoms but likely not leading to death. That is exactly what viruses do as they adapt.
    It is precisely because covid is at this point that Biden’s advisers realize it is not worth fighting failing strategies that are illegal and unpopular, regardless of the fears and desires for government control that some have.
    Fauci will be silenced either by his boss, the Courts or the public before long.
    He is just grasping for his last relevance.

  6. Post below from Alex Berenson this morning….

    “Guys, I don’t know how to say this any more clearly: it is OVER.

    The Omicold (pronounced Immacold) variant is about to bring this clown show to its inevitable conclusion.

    I know none of our supposedly non-racist public health authorities were willing to believe the South African numbers, but we now have almost a month of data out of Denmark.

    They are real. And they are spectacular.

    Between Dec. 13 and Dec. 20, Denmark reported approximately 50,000 confirmed Omicron cases.

    Given the approximately one-week lag between infection and hospitalization, those people should be flooding into hospitals.


    You read that right. 50,000 positive tests the week before, no change in hospitalizations. Admissions have risen slightly, but patients are being discharged as fast as they are being admitted.

    The result: as of Dec. 21, Danish hospitals had 47 Omicron patients, with under five (the report is not more specific) in intensive care.

    As of Dec. 27, the hospitals had 51 Omicron patients, again with under five in intensive care.

    The question is no longer whether Omicron is a cold. It’s whether it’s as dangerous as a cold. (And, again, this has nothing to do with Covid vaccines; most South Africans are not vaccinated, and the pattern there was the same.)

    The only sane political move at this point is to drop ALL mandates – vaccine and otherwise – and ALL asymptomatic or quarantine testing (dropping all non-hospital testing would be even better) – and declare victory and go home. Even if the country weren’t burned out on scare stories and sick of being lied to, the reality of these figures is already obvious to most people. (Including LeBron James.)

    When your media water-carriers have to write articles explaining the difference between Covid and a cold… it’s over.

    So why won’t Uncle Joe just say so? Because the current strategy isn’t working – not politically, and not for the country. It’s time to surrender to the ro like you did to the Taliban and to inflation. At least this time admitting the problem will fix it.”

    But if we keep on boosting….all hell will break loose!

  7. Dr. Fauci is an expert on medical issues. He has an understanding of medical issues that frankly most of us will never understand.
    Dr. Fauci is not an expert on air travel.
    Dr. Fauci does have an opinion, and like any of us…Will most likely give his opinion.

    Any president listens to many opinions and makes decisions based on the advice of many.
    The president has listened to many opinions, and has not put vaccine restrictions on domestic air travel.

    I’m not sure why this still continuously makes the news cycles.

  8. Dan,
    probably because Fauci loves to jump in front of cameras and tell us what he thinks the world needs while Biden’s legal team does not.

  9. Oh my…. I just learned something new today. Had no idea….

    The REAL reason for all this hysteria, mandates, vaccines/boosters, mainstream scare tactics. It is very simple. As long as a vaccine is approved for emergency use, big pharma cannot be sued. They have liability protection. Once it comes off emergency use they can be sued.

    However, and this is the important point, once the vaccine is recommended to be used for children it goes back into a liability shield and you can no longer sue them. Not for kids who are harmed NOR for adults that are harmed. That is the real reason they are going after your kids. Pharma knows the vax will kill many kids. They don’t care because they cannot be sued at that point. So all you parents shooting up your kids with a vax that is useless against Covid but harmful in many ways to their innate immune system…..all you can do is pray it won’t be your child! Or, you for that matter!

  10. Todd, the data about Denmark that you stated is very real. Omicron has hit Denmark hard, but Danes are not being hospitalized or dying at a high rate like we find in other countries. The problem with what you said is that your conclusion is wrong, essentially because you forgot to account for and including one critical stat: vaccination. Almost 80% of the Denmark people are fully vaccinated and of them, most are boosted. On the other hand, less than 63% of the American people are fully vaccinated and less than half of them are boosted.

    It does appear that the Omicron variant is less damaging than Delta, but we can see in the U.S. not only a steep rise in cases, but one in hospitalizations and deaths. The increase in hospitalizations and deaths in the US is among the unvaccinated. If we take this new US data along with that of Denmark we see the unmistakable. We see the vaccines work. They were primarily designed to mitigate infection seriousness, reduce the need for hospitalization and prevent deaths. They’re doing that in Denmark and they’re doing that in the US.

    If Omicron wasn’t much of a virus just like in Denmark we would see a steep case rise in the US, and like in Denmark, at the same time, we wouldn’t see a significant rise in hospitalizations and deaths, but that’s not the case in the US. The inescapable conclusion is that Omicron does cause serious disease and death, but not among the fully vaccinated and boosted.

    The answer isn’t to forget it, but to double down on getting Americans vaccinated.

    Personally, I wouldn’t bother to mandate vaccination, but I think the idea of not allowing unvaccinated Americans hold the rest of us hostage makes sense. I am in favor of restricting where unvaccinated Americans can go and what they can do. For Americans who have a medical condition that precludes vaccination, no problem. For others, if they don’t want to take it, that’s okay too, but that decision means they must take responsibility for it. It means they must do whatever is necessary to prevent them from infecting others, from mask wearing to restricting themselves to where they can go and what they can do, and when they get infected and seriously ill to take the financial responsibility for their decision and take medical responsibility too, to make sure they pay for their illness instead of forcing others to do that and to step aside so that people who took responsibility to stay well to the best of their ability can get proper treatment.

    The only reason the strategy of vaccination in the US isn’t working is because of the moronic and unethical decision by too many to be irresponsible.

  11. ”but unvaccinated Americans are allowed to return”

    Because American citizens can’t be denied entry to the country. It has nothing to do with vaccine politics(not that there should be vaccine politics, but Republicans decided to join forces with Jenny McCarthy as antivaxxers)

  12. If only 2% of what Robert F Kennedy Jr wrote in his “The Real Anthony Fauci” is true the conclusion is Fauci has decided to not follow science but to do everything to enrich and grow his ego.

  13. @NSL14

    VAERS disagrees with you.
    Israel on their 4th booster disagrees with your statement that vaccines work.
    Experts like Geert Vanden Bossche disagrees with you and I’ll accept his advice over yours.

    If the vaccines work you should have no fear of the unvaccinated. This is now a pandemic of the vaccinated. Wake up man and accept it before this becomes unmanageable and really destroys human life!

    You take away my rights for fears of Covid? What happens with the next Covid? And the next one after that? You have already taken many lives by silencing the experts from the other side to voice their opinions. So you believe that is ok as long as it is the narrative you believe. What happens when it is reversed for you one day in the future? You are ok with not allowing a debate in the open, on national tv with experts on both sides. Don’t let them speak. The world is flat and that’s that. My truth and only my truth. I’m sick of people like you.

  14. Everything in Todd’s comment is wrong or misleading.

    “VAERS disagrees with you.”

    Adverse events following vaccination get logged, and by the way this is not all validated data. With a majority of the population vaccinated, it’s going to capture a lot of data – much of which has nothing whatsoever to do with vaccines. Remember that in clinical trial data Moderna had to include adverse events involving study participants… including one that was struck by lightning!

    “Israel on their 4th booster disagrees with your statement that vaccines work.”

    Israel is moving to 4th shots (not fourth boosters, second boosters) **because they work** but while their effectiveness against severe disease is excellent, protection against infection wanes especially as the virus has mutated and the vaccines target the spike protein of the original Wuhan strain.

    “Experts like Geert Vanden Bossche disagrees with you and I’ll accept his advice over yours.”

    Geert Vanden Bossche has been making heavily-debunked doomsday claims for a year that haven’t been true.

    “If the vaccines work you should have no fear of the unvaccinated.”

    No, because vaccines aren’t “either-or.” Setting up vaccines as needing 100% effectiveness to ‘work’ is silly. The mRNA vaccines work far better than we could have possibly hoped (or that very many did hope) in mid-2020. They are not perfectly effective. And against a backdrop of high levels of community transmission, breakthrough infections are real, there’s a reason to be cautious. And I’d add cautious where folks aren’t boosted, where they’re vaxed with J&J (or far worse, Sinovac!), or in especially large groups.

    “This is now a pandemic of the vaccinated.”

    In places where vaccinated make up a substantial majority of the population, a majority of infectious will be among those who are vaccinated (that’s just math) however severe outcomes are overwhelmingly among the unvaccinated. And infection is far more common among the unvaccinated than the boosted.

  15. NSL,
    the CDC has said 59% of cases are omicron – which still leaves a whole lot of people being infected by delta which is alot more dangerous.
    The reason why hospitalizations and deaths have not fallen is because omicron is not the exclusive variant.

    and todd is right….. anyone that doesn’t realize that covid management in the US has been heavily influenced by enrichment of big pharma is incredibly naive.
    Natural immunity and a number of far less expensive treatments have been used elsewhere in the world – but those have been completely shut down in the US while we listen to endless pushes to vaccinate and boost.

  16. @Tim Dunn – we’ve underutilized fluvoxamine, for sure, but a lot of the “far less expensive treatments [that] have been used elsewhere in the world” like Ivermectin had some hope but were demonstrated not to work – by the way, the best study on Ivermectin is also the one (TOGETHER trial) that showed fluvoxamine, another low cost and widely available drug, did work. That study wasn’t big Pharma trying to keep you from getting cheap cures!

    The problem with clinical guidance on fluvoxamine – which is already FDA approved and can therefore be prescribed off-label – is that the FDA didn’t know how to manage its own bureaucracy to handle an approval without sponsorship. So in that sense ‘Big Pharma’ matters because bureaucratic processes are built around it. But they’re working to solve this and again there’s real demonstrated clinical benefit and any doctor can prescribe it today. It isn’t as effective as Paxlovid but until that’s widely available it’s important

  17. @Gary –

    Everything in your reply is wrong and that is where the problem is Gary. Isn’t it? That many disagree with the narrative.

    By the way, VAERS is extremely underreported. Perhaps at 1or 2 percent max.

    Ivermectin along with HCQ have been used by thousands of real doctors across the planet and recovery has been amazing. My doctor alone has treated over 350 and only one older man with non-related complications past away. While you have “studies”, some influenced by big pharma I and many others have real-world use case!.

    Geet predicted in March if we vaccinate you will see variants. We have that now. His latest statement if we booster we will end up with a disaster. We shall see.

    I live in a small area where there are hundreds like me who are unvaccinated. We all got Covid. We all recovered with therapeutics and we have natural immunity. NONE of us went to the hospital. This has happened the same all over the world.

    Israel is a mess. Green pass no longer works unless you have had x amount of vaccines/shots/boosters, whatever you want to call it.

    Why would FDA say it needs 75 years to release Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine data to the public if there is nothing to hide????

    Math doesn’t just work when the equations are skewed.

    So, lets forget about our differences for a moment. I will put this same question out to you as I have done to others who think like you but are too weak to answer, except one. Lets see if you respond.

    Gary – Would you be in favor of a national, live TV debate with experts from both side who present EVIDENÇE to support their argument. No editing, no “fact checkers” who are bought and payed for. No interruptions until the end and then debate. I think this would go far in helping to “heal” the divide if many on my side would perhaps see their experts defeated. Or, perhaps it goes the other way and then what happens? And, that’s the reason why it will never happen. “They” know we have the evidence.

    I’ll wait for your response along with the rest of your subs.

  18. thank you, Todd.
    Gary failed to address naturally acquired immunity which is by far the biggest issue that alot of people have with the way the US has handled covid – and why there is little trust w/ the CDC or Fauci.
    And many low income countries had no choice but to use low cost therapeutics because they couldn’t get enough vaccines when they were first available and because they could not afford the few expensive therapeutics that the US and Europe did recognize.

    Looking down at countries that did what they had to do absent vaccines and costly therapeutics and denying that they have achieved better covid numbers than the US is the height of tunnel vision.

    Given that Biden himself admitted that the federal government can’t solve the covid problem, they know full well that they are at the end of the ropes, are on the verge of losing one lawsuit after another over their strategies, and states that have resisted federal management of covid are doing no worse and in some cases better than states that have embraced the feds have managed covid including economic and QOL issues. The mere fact that migration out of the north and CA and democratically run states speaks volumes about how the American people think the feds have handled covid.

    After Fauci having to be told that vax mandates are not happening for US airline passengers, the Administration is now in full retreat on covid.

  19. Vaccines didn’t create Omicron, and Omicron doesn’t descend from Delta. There’s a theory (caution) that it came from lab mice, but we don’t know the exact origin. You cannot possibly claim we have this variant or others because of vaccines. Are you suggesting B.1.1.7 (Alpha) was caused by vaccines? Oops, it predates vaccines. Indeed the original D->G mutation made the virus more infectious early in the pandemic. Viruses mutate. Could Merck’s pill accelerate this? Yes. But there’s no evidence that vaccines have done so.

    Here’s a great comprehensive look at Ivermectin. It really did look promising a year ago! But early data didn’t pan out, and some of the evidence was quite shoddy. https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/ivermectin-much-more-than-you-wanted

    Again, the TOGETHER trail was huge and found no benefit. It’s not particularly harmful, take it if you want, but it’s no miracle cure. I am *helping* your side by pointing to fluvoxamine but you can’t argue that it’s a big pharma conspiracy when the best trial showing iveermectin has no benefit (also by the way there’s no good theory on why it SHOULD work either) also showed that another low cost and widely available drug DOES.

    I would sort of dispute your characterization of Israel as a mess, cases there are just rising, it may be a mess for other reasons (the Mideast is messy in many ways!) but not because of vaccination.

    As for VAERS, look, when 80% of 75 year olds are vaccinated, there are going to be health issues reported. People die every day, and they are going to die even when they’re vaccinated, because there are other causes of death than Covid. That doesn’t mean those are in any way related to vaccines. You aren’t making a serious argument that understands maths.

  20. @Tim Dunn – I have written consistently criticizing government policy for failing to address immunity from prior infection. Recovery from covid plus one mRNA shot is far better than a J&J shot, but the latter is considered vaccinated while the former is not. So strange. But what of it in terms of my arguments here?

  21. @Gary –

    Just like all the rest of you single-sided narratives you can’t answer the question about debate. Why is it so hard for you to say “I would welcome a debate”. Instead you ignore it just like mainstream does.

    Everything you just stated above is completely obliterated by experts I agree with. I can post tons of links here disputing the claims you made. So I’m not going to continue this with you as you have your sources and I have mine.

    Let the record show here that Gary is unable to answer a simple question that he would welcome a national debate to help heal the great divide we have in the USA and Worldwide.

  22. You shouldve just titled the article “Why Fauci is wrong… always”

    That dirtbag costs Americans a lot of undue panic, wages, and freedoms due to his incompetence

  23. This one is just too good not to share….

    Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial

    bmj dot com/content/375/bmj.n2635

  24. One hundred percent agree with mandatory vaccinations. And skip any exceptions. This is not a government service so private companies can mandate. This will definitely control the spread.

  25. This Todd f*cknut must be really out of breath continually railing against the vaccines every day…of course since the unvaccinated make up the vast, vast majority of hospitalizations and Covid deaths these days, he sure is totally on to something…douche

  26. @Todd – I have never shied away from a debate. I was a member of the national championship CEDA team in college, placed in out rounds of the national finals as a freshman even. Bring it.

  27. @Gary –

    Good to hear you would be up for a debate. So many people I have asked the same question to but don’t have the balls to reply! Unfortunately, probably will never happen. We have tried for years with the networks, way before Covid to discuss Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated and the issues with vaccines but only crickets.

    Perhaps one day….

  28. Corrections to several errors in Gary’s original post:
    –Boosters have been shown to only work for 9 weeks against Omicron. So no thanks. I’m double-jabbed, and that is MY LIMIT.
    –More tests available won’t help… cuz the same-day tests aren’t sensitive enough to detect transmissible Omicron, while the PCR tests show positive long after infectiousness ends.

    In general, Gary, I appreciated & agreed with your articulate oppositions to travel mandates.
    Some additional oppositions:
    –It’s harmful to the airline industry (reducing their customer base), and by extension, the whole travel industry. It’s a sneaky “soft-shutdown”.
    –Public health is NOT the nation’s highest priority. It’s Fauci’s priority, but not the U.S. priority. Good grief, all 180 countries on Earth now know that the U.S. can’t surmount biowarfare. We’re toast under a REAL attack from REAL enemies.
    –It is time to make decisions re: OUR OWN RISK. I feel sorry for the first commenter who says he’d feel safer if he knew his plane-mates were 100% vaccinated. He’s brainwashed that 3 jabs still won’t keep him safe enough.
    –Vaccines against colds are foolish. I suggest people treat their body/immune system with more respect, & stop mutilating them w/ mRna and Crispy Cremes and cigarettes. Don’t take antibiotics for every cold. And don’t take vaccines for every cold, either. Coughdrops will work.

    I watched a Fauci interview today and he was obviously condescending, saying he knows the reason people aren’t vaxxed/boosted is because they’re inclined to resist. He obviously had no understanding/tolerance of religious objections, and he’s completely oblivious to the people who’ve studied the benefits/risk of the vaccine and chosen “no jab”. Based on the superior air he demonstrated today, he’s no longer credible. Both the CDC and the FDA are tainted now.

    It’s embarrassing that New York fired 31,000 healthcare workers, and now Biden’s gonna “fix” it with 1000 national guard medics. SMH

    I’m going on a cruise in 2 weeks. A full week of no TV scare-tactics!

  29. @Gary Leff — “Here’s a great comprehensive look at Ivermectin. It really did look promising a year ago! But early data didn’t pan out, and some of the evidence was quite shoddy.

    Here we go *again* … I’m familiar with this report, but, as in all things relating to “science,” there will be detractors from *both* sides! What one needs to understand is that, in today’s *totally politicized* world, even so-called RCTs are *not* always so “scientific” when they’re biased with prescribed agendas! Recall those early “clinical trials” that purportedly “debunked” HCQ cocktails as being effective treatments, only to be withdrawn from the likes of Lancet after getting *truly* “fact checked”? The same situation exists with respect to attacks against Ivermectin! At the stage of the pandemic, when Ivermectin was being purportedly “tested” through “clinical trials,” there were many special interest groups that favored sabotaging Ivermectin from consideration, for obvious reasons because of its extremely lower costs vs. experimental cellular gene therapies that comprise those so-called (*not* real) “vaccines”! This, of course, translated into much lower $$$ earnings for those Big Pharma companies as compared to pushing their “vaccines.” Furthermore, in order for those “vaccines” to be able to get to market under EUA, other therapeutics such as HCQ cocktails and Ivermectin *had* to get disparaged because EUA states that there can be no other reasonable alternatives already available to treat said disease! If HCQ cocktails and Ivermectin were to get FDA approvals, then those “vaccines” could *not* get their EUAs. But now that those “vaccines” have been so prolifically distributed worldwide and mucho $$$ made by those Big Pharma companies worldwide, some *new* therapeutics are now getting FDA considerations and even approvals despite also costing mucho $$$ as well … ever wonder *why* this is occurring at this time?

    In a prior post long ago, I had already debunked some of those “clinical” trials that claimed to themselves debunk Ivermectin, so I don’t want to rehash those points again, but one key point stood out — when doing clinical trials, it will make sense to actually try and actually duplicate what frontline doctors worldwide have been prescribing and using successfully for so long, right? But what I found, after reading so many of those trial reports that purport to debunk Ivermectin, is that their clinical trials test conditions and parameters were *no where close* to what frontline doctors were using worldwide to successfully treat their patients and save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives! This told me that such “trials” were *not* about proving/disproving Ivermectin’s efficacy from a truly scientific perspective, but were designed from the outset to create an outcome that would try to contradict what successful track records had already been proven from worldwide usages!

    For example, when those trials used a lower dosage and shorter time duration than actually practiced in frontline treatments, what conclusions can we make? Furthermore, everyone wants to look at Ivermectin alone as *the* treatment, whereas frontline treatments often use Ivermectin in conjunction with *other* components that *together* create the efficacy results that have been attained! This points out a fundamental *flaw* with how clinical trials apply that legacy “scientific method” — medical treatments are often more effective when used as a cocktail integrated with other *supporting* components, rather than alone just by itself! Clinical trials, by adhering to “controlled experimentation” requirements of the “scientific method,” can *not* readily duplicate such integrated forms of treatments in real life, and so *fail* at what should have been their *honest* research objectives!

    So the bottom line is — just because some “clinical trials” purport to debunk Ivermectin, I do *not* trust those trials when they do *not* even try to duplicate the *actual* integrated protocols that were used to successfully treat millions of cases worldwide! If I had to choose between trusting such clinical trials vs. the direct experiences of thousands of frontline doctors/nurses worldwide, I’m more inclined to trust those who actually *treat* those masses of patients, rather than some academic ivory tower bureaucrats that run agenda-driven clinical trials!

  30. In countries where malaria-fighting drugs & ivermectin are more frequently prescribed, the trend CONTINUES that they have fewer deaths from Covid-19 than the U.S does. Why the U.S is so inequipped to prevent death from Covid needs to be the topic of SERIOUS RESEARCH.

    Also: It is fairly clear at this point that the airline industry is being significantly affected by staffing shortages due to covid illness/exposure. Conversely, the CRUISE industry has a markedly lower rate of infection/exposure among its staff. I’m convinced that AIRLINES are the super-spreader in this nation. In the early days, the airline industry touted studies re: the effectiveness of plane cabin air filtration against Covid. But now, plane air filtration systems are clearly not working for Omicron. An airline executive yesterday again touted the outdated studies… all while thousands of flights are being cancelled daily due to staffing (covid) issues.

  31. @Lindy — “Why the U.S is so inequipped to prevent death from Covid needs to be the topic of SERIOUS RESEARCH.”

    No mystery at all about this issue! As I stated in my reply post just above yours, it all has to do with $$$ for Big Pharma and the way EUAs work — in order to approve EUAs for those experimental cellular gene therapies (ie, Pfizer, Moderna, AZ, J&J), world proven successful therapeutics such as HCQ cocktails and Ivermectin had to be dismissed, since EUAs are predicated upon no other alternatives being available to treat the given ailment (in this case COVID-19). The “vaccines or nothing” policy is based on this premise, thus incurring so much UN-necessary excessive deaths. Why? Those cellular gene therapies do *not* act like legacy vaccines because they are *not* neutralizing and only target a very specific spike protein, rather than the whole spectrum of proteins associated with SARS-CoV-2 … by *not* killing off the coronavirus, those cellular gene therapies actually “induce” mutations to occur, thus giving rise to so many variants … so the more jabs given worldwide, the more mutations are induced … those with co-morbidities thus have much greater opportunities to succumb to those variants!
    “I’m convinced that AIRLINES are the super-spreader in this nation.”

    You might be confusing the infections experienced by ground-based personnel sick outs vs. flight crews, as well as flight crew shortages that resulted from coercive and insane “vaccine” mandates that resulted in staff shortages due to non-conformance firings or side-linings. I have not yet come across any studies that confirm mass infections being spread in airline cabins. Cruise companies, being much smaller in staff size than airlines, have not been as visibly reported in the media, except when they experience so many instances of onboard ship infections, despite 95+ (or even 100) percent “vaccination” rates among passengers and crews.

  32. Happy New Year!! Flurona has arrived. First case reported. Welcome to 2022 and more boosters!!!

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