Why Hotel Promotions are on Life Support and the Magic Switch Few Pilots Know Much About

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  1. So clickbait link times a clickbait written article equals what? Seriously “the magic switch”? Think about the concept of airbags before and during reading the article. Point being. The whole system is a joke! A pilot must physically activate it? Yah that’s what I want him thinking about if we’re dropping 1,000’/second. Make it automatically ping if NOT deactivated every x period of time which can vary based upon active control imputs or not. I’m over simplifying but the point seems simple enough

  2. Don’t read very carefully, do you 8bb8b8? I suppose that’s what happens when you are only skimming to slam the blogger. Or maybe your lips got tired.

    The ELT switch automatically notifies the Mission Control Center that the airplane is in distress. Rescue centers are alerted, and Search And Rescue operations are initiated.

    Your idea is similar to just having your cell phone call 911 automatically every X minutes. Not very practical.

  3. I’m not someone who is going to critique every typo, grammar, etc. error but geez what the heck is “penel”? Almost any program you use to write anything would flag “penel”. And it looks so unprofessional.

    I had a resume to review and English wasn’t his first language but in his case the lack of caring about how it looked (different fonts in the resume, and starting a sentence and not finishing it) just should a lack of effort.

    This goes into the same bucket. Sadly people still click the referral links.

  4. @rich, This is the bane of the existence of an internet commenter who is taking a blogger to task for a misspelling: Having an incorrectly spelled word in his/her comment complaining about the misspelling:

    “…the lack of caring about how it looked …just *should* a lack of effort.”

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