Why Mark Cuban’s Amex Black Card Got Declined

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • 50th anniversary of TWA 85 – the ‘longest and most spectacular’ hijacking

  • That time Mark Cuban’s brand new Amex Black Card got declined.

  • It takes a lot to get fired from TSA. Well, one city council candidate is making her comeback after just that. (HT: petaluma1)

    A City Council candidate says she can “absolutely” serve objectively, despite being fired from her job as a TSA officer after supervisors said she acted inappropriately with a police officer in a Twin Falls airport bathroom.

  • This sign advertising PreCheck at Chicago O’Hare – coming from the government – really rubbed me the wrong way.

  • Unserious claim about Philadelphia airport This country is really bad at managing major infrastructure projects, so much advance planning is required, but claiming the Philadelphia airport needs to be moved at this time is silly. (HT: Tommy L.)

    If sea levels rise by as much as four feet by the end of the century — current projections top out at more than six feet, depending on the extent to which greenhouse gas emissions can be curbed — a Category 1 hurricane would put a majority of the airport underwater.

  • It’s hard to believe, standing where we are today, that Emirates needed the help of Pakistan International Airways to launch 30 years ago.

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  1. Idunno, I actually think that sign from ORD is a rather amusing acknowledgement by the agency of just how miserable they make the travel process.

  2. I’m sure many here can sympathize how sad it must be when one is declined
    for a 140;000 dollar bottle of champagne while your friends are waiting and thirsty
    It’s truly a humanitarian crisis
    So so sad 🙁 it’s happened to me numerous times and the main reason I’ll be canceling my American Express cards
    Did I mention humiliating?

  3. Gary, your reading comprehension is terrible.

    They don’t say move the airport today, they say that planning for sea level rise is a necessary and expensive part of dealing with certain sea level rise in the near future.

    You should try applying serious though to these topics rather than laughably ill-considered “hot takes.” This is nearly as bad as your total disaster of a post on the family that crossed illegally from Canada.

  4. @Eric. The problem is that you would have to be scientifically illiterate to believe that 4 ft of sea level rise needs to be planned for in the near future. Sea level has been rising since the last ice age, and over the last 200 years or so at a fairly consistent linear trend of about 3mm/year. At this rate it will take over 400 years for the sea level to rise 4 feet. Now go change your soiled panties and go back to sleep.

  5. Like in Florida and North Carolina, former Pennsylvania GOP Governor Tom Corbett banned the use of the terms like “climate change” and “sea-level rise” about 5 years ago. Problem solved!

  6. 1 meter sea level rise by 2100 is well within likely predictions even before accounting for increased storm frequency and severity.

    Dumping money into infrastructure near sea level without accounting carefully for sea level rise at all ends of the likely scenarios would be the height of fiscal foolishness.

  7. @Gene Or maybe just a rich idiot! LOL You can’t take it with you. Mark Cuban net worth = $4 billion

  8. @gene

    Mark Cuban is a billionaire not an idiot. 140,000 is pocket change to him, he is enjoying his money and life.

  9. @Eric Oh, they are predicted, huh? Well that settles it. This from the people that brought you all the other failed predictions. Predictions about 100 years from now, when everyone alive will be dead, are worth exactly zero.

    In the past 30+ years, since the time in the 70s when chicken littles like you were worrying about another ice age, the rate of sea level rise has not significantly strayed from the long term trend line of 3mm/yr. This was during a time of “unprecedented warmth”. CO2 has continued to increase, and temps were up, but no acceleration of sea level rise. Why? Because glaciers were made during the last ice age, and have been melting ever since. Even if temps stayed flat they would keep melting. 1C or any change in CO2 emissions will not change that. Look at some data instead of listening to your activist overlords.

  10. Truly bizarre.

    Look at the IPCC data, sea level change is clearly accelerating at an increasing pace over the last decade. Same for Greenland ice melt, Antarctic ice melt, etc.

    Imagine the blatant stupidity of a sea captain with your decision making approach: “I’m only beginning to hear the first pings of the iceberg against my hull, surely no need to turn away from an iceberg that every serious approach to climate science gives me full confidence regarding it’s existence and danger. Full speed ahead!”

  11. As for Mark Cuban’s $140K Ace of Spades – if you got’um, smoke’um. For me it’ll have to be Prosecco in the Sky Club, or a PFB on Delta.

  12. @eric

    From http://www.ipcc.ch website.

    “Global sea level has been rising
    The average rate of rise over the last 100 years has been
    10- 2 Omm/yr
    There is no firm evidence of an acceleration in global
    MSL rise over this century (although there is some
    evidence that sea level rose faster in this century
    compared to the previous two centuries)”

    Our humann contribution to MSL is as significant as uneducated comments on the subject. It might possibly be more beneficial to humanity for internet trolls to search out papers published by the sources they misrepresent with their Alarmist statements and read the papers, maybe even consider the entire work before finding their next victim to harass.

    Solar forcing is the only possible contributor to this subject worth discussing and good luck trying to block out the sun. It’s really all a sham isn’t it though .. Most people can’t even positively effect their own lives much less alter climate.

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