Why The Secret To Good Chinese Food Is To Pick 3.5 Star Restaurants [Roundup]

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  1. I was recently on a 9am CLT – LAX AA flight, in economy, where the beverage cart only came out once and there was no food available for purchase … I assumed this was bc of pandemic cutbacks. However the chart JonNYC posted makes me think there should have been food for purchase. Does this catering posting apply to all hubs/flights? I’m starting to think I got a lazy crew out of a budget hub 🙁

  2. Well of course Austin’s airport ruined it’s “easy in and out” Gary. It was built to carry 1990’s lesser traffic. Now you constantly push for your self admitted interests: more flights! More choice for me! More lounges for me! More more more for me!
    I know I speak heresy: time to deal it back. The days of Florida mud bug illiterate like YMMV hoping on a plane just to eat BBQ in Texas are coming to a close. This fossil fuel burning is not sustainable. The flip side to this problem is “tourists” go far to experience things when they could experience them at home. When is the last time you attended a festival in Austin, Mr. Leff? Sure, points and luxury clubs are your game Mr. Leff, but have you ever considered the environmental costs of your game. The sexually twisted dolts of YMMV I get, they’re just kids trying to make a buck as silly and juvenile as it is; you know better that all your game is not sustainable. Better “tourists” stay home and fix problems in their own ‘hoods. That’s the problem today. Everyone is running away to “experience.” Does it ever bother you Mr. Leff, that tourism is one of the most exploited industries in the world? Every exploited colony on earth wants trillions from England for the exploitation of the colonies, how about trillions for the exploitation of the tourist industries you exploit?
    I can’t remember if you are Jewish, but whatever religion you claim to be, this madness exploitation MUST end…..

  3. @hubcaptive the “food” for sale on that flight in coach would be Pringles, Gummie Bears, Almonds and a Chacuterie (highly processed) platter. While a specific cart with those items may not have been brought out, you can still purchase the items. Keep your expectations for the quality of food items for sale low and you won’t be disappointed.

  4. @ Jorge

    Of course Gary pushes for his own interest. Who’s going to do it if not him? You?

    I am presently on Bali where the “exploited” are happy to have us back because when tourism was shut down by the pandemic people were back to working rice paddies.

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