Will an Airport Concessions Management Company Force the Government to Rename Yosemite National Park? (and More)

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  1. Thanks Gary for the link to extra 25 Hertz points. Points posted instantly, but it looks like Hertz changed their policy in 4Q15 to only extend expiration dates for points for qualified rentals now. Still an easy 25 Hertz points.

  2. Delaware North wants $51m for the IP. They paid for the IP when they won the contract a long time ago. The new contractor was required to purchase the IP from the old contractor, just as Delaware North was when they won the contract.

    $3.5m is the value NPS places on the IP. If they wanted 3.5m, it would be a done deal. But instead they want $51m and they had to rename everything inside the park, but the NPS is refusing to rename the park itself.

    How did we get here? Who knows, but it’s a ridiculous position that the NPS put us in IMO, but I don’t know how this ever started that the concessionaires would have the rights to the property names and other IP that should belong to the public. The payment for the contract should have included the right to use the NPS’ IP, not ownership of the IP and anything created inside the park should revert to the NPS at the end of the contract. But somehow the NPS did it differently?

    Delaware North owns IP for a lot of other National Parks where they were or are the contractor.

  3. No vendor or subcontract vendor should own the trademarks to a US name. Why should DN be able to trademark the Lincoln Memorial because they pick up the trash there under a contract? The property and the rights of the name are owned by the citizens of the United States who have never been compensated in any way for the those names.

    DN had the rights to use them while they had the contract. Once they lost the contract they lose the rights. While they had these rights they were able to be the sole company to use them in marketing of the hotel, on napkins, on trinkets etc etc

    What they paid the former contact owner was for all the “assets” that included the Curry trinkets, the hotel napkins, etc etc . Not ownership of the name. The Website reservation system was also part of that which DN purchased and just sold off to Aramark

  4. FYI – one can not read the Wall Street article without a subscription. If you are going to give us the headline, would be nice to be able able to read the whole story.

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