Wing Nut Found In This American Airlines Meal

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  1. Well, amtrak needs to make money somehow. We can’t be whining about it not making money and not help enough people at the same time.

    Everything is now transactional, as requested by 2016 voters. So shut up and shove it.

  2. Gary, your summary of the Washingtonian article on the 35x replacement is somewhat silly. From your description, one might infer that there are design issues, cost concerns, or something material. But the article has nothing that even rises to the level of “complaints” of substance, just a rambling, half hearted attempt by the writer at an architectural critisicm that goes nowhere and is based on nothing. It was head scratching in the print magazine a month ago and just as much so now online.

  3. I can’t say I would be happy to find a wingnut in my meal either, BUT….
    Back in the day one of my audit clients was a major bakery — think food factory. From time to time customers would find things in their loaves that weren’t supposed to be there. The engineers knew full well what had fallen off some of their machinery and what had not, i.e., had been insinuated into the bread deliberately.
    The take home being that, sadly, from time to time, things fall off food prep equipment and end up in the food. I’m guessing that’s what happened here. Something someone had put into the food on purpose would likely have been more offensive or dangerous.
    Since I’m guessing most airlines use the same food vendor at a given airport the luckless airline, AA in this case, is probably moot.

  4. @ NG, CW — Yup, I clicked on that DCA article to see what was “wrong” with the new terminal, too. I learned that the critic thought “the design is sleek, well planned, and beautifully detailed,” but that “the new terminal will look more like the lobby of a large hotel than the audacious architectural statement it could have been.” Folks, this is a regional jet terminal! Nobody wanted to build — much less pay for — the Taj Mahal.

  5. Makes sense, since American is based in Texas and are wing nuts found mostly in red states…….

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