With Jobs Disappearing, Flight Attendant Teaches How To Sell Feet Pictures Online

Daily Mail reports on an American Airlines flight attendant who has developed a huge social media following with feet pictures, and is now coaching others on how to make money online selling photos of their feet.

Her Tik Tok page has over 160,000 followers and 4 million likes. She’s well followed on Instagram. Now she’s selling her book to help others – especially flight attendants – make money online selling feet pictures. She started giving away her advice free online during the pandemic but she’s now collated it into a system that sells for $10:

Apparently not just any feet pictures make money, even on the internet, “[t]here are well-known poses in the foot fetish community that one must perfect and opportunistic scammers to watch out for.”

‘I use a completely separate account from my main Instagram, and I just post a ton of pictures of my feet,’ she explains. ‘You have to actually look into feet photos and feet poses. Each different one has a specific name for what the pose is and people have different fetishes for each kind of pose.’

For example, ‘The Pose’ refers to a specific shot in which people are lying on their stomachs, facing the camera, with their feet up in back of them.

The thing I don’t understand – that I guess is the advice to pay money for – is how do you get people to pay for something that’s probably already everywhere online for free? She even advises flight attendants on pricing, and how to weed out people quickly that aren’t going to pay. “She only accepts Amazon gift cards, and she recommends others do the same.”

‘An Amazon gift card I can immediately put it on my Amazon Prime account and then buy a new gift card with that, so they cannot cancel the payment,’ she explains, noting she never uses online money transfers.

‘PayPal gives out your real information. I don’t want them having that,’ she notes, adding: ‘Venmo is pretty damn similar to PayPal.’

People also send her gifts that they purchase through an Amazon wish list, which allows her to keep her personal information private.

Ultimately she may make more money teaching people to make money selling feet photos than actually selling feet photos. Filed under: Markets in Everything.

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  1. And people say there’s no way to make a living under the oppressive patriarchy. Idiots.

    ANYONE can make money online. You can be some 13 y.o. underprivileged minority kid in the middle of nowhere and succeed.

    Online nobody cares your age, status, gender, sexuality, race, economic status, appearance, etc.

    Find a need and fill it and stop your griping.

  2. And cue the Amazon shutdown for being against ToS….and they’ll keep her gift card balance.

  3. When this flight attendant flies nonrev, inquiring minds want to know if she puts her bare feet on the middle row armrest in front of her row.

  4. “With Travel Falling, Travel Bloggers Make Money Posting About Flight Attendants who Make Money Teaching Other People How to Make Money Selling their Feet Photos.”

    Even the feet photo business has a GDP multiplier effect.

  5. many Flight attendants have a side job that make a lot more money then flying does. being a flight attendant is just an easy way for them to meet new customers

  6. If you know know what a simp is, familiarize yourself with the term. And do *not* become one.

  7. As someone that knows Deej personally, none of these articles have been posted with her consent nor are they entirely factual. Not to mention the comments of people being ‘disgusted’ by her are hilarious.

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