With All Those Rental Cars Sitting At Airports, Some Are Going Missing

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  1. So if Iceland has basically eradicated it, as CNN says, and New Zealand and Australia have too, then isn’t it an epidemic again and not a pandemic?

  2. Um, did you even READ the story you linked?

    These two fine upstanding citizens were arrested for stealing 28 cars in May and June of TWENTY NINETEEN.

    Not 2020.

    Those thefts have nothing to do with “all those rental cars sitting at airports”.

  3. There was an HTML error in the post that cut it off, I referenced the older BWI story along with incidents that occurred during the pandemic but it didn’t show up. That’s been fixed.

  4. Supposedly all these rentals cars sitting around, unused, I want to rent a car, but prices are sky high so I pass on the rental b/c TOO EXPENSIVE! I don’t get it.

  5. Rental car companies are the biggest bullshitting assholes in the world …zero customer service..call and try to rent a car and get ready to get jerked off ..every one of them Hertz avis enterprise act like you are bothering them being an asshole must be number one employment requirement I dealt with all 3 in the last month identical assholes . Fuck off !

  6. It is baffling that you characterize Iceland’s anti-COVID system as “serious” in Italics when it’s what the WHO has been recommending since January and is similar to the one that is in place in many other countries like New Zealand and China.

    More proof of just how criminal the US response to the virus has been, and how the economy is suffering more than it would as the result of this. Stores are closing again in certain states!

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