With Austin Airport Trouncing Pre-Pandemic Travel Records, Is Korean Air To Seoul Next? [Roundup]

News and notes from around the interweb:

  • Austin Airport is killin’ it, although June wasn’t as impressive as May. Traffic exceeded pre-pandemic levels starting in November 2021, and is now legions ahead.

  • With Samsung investing heavily in Austin there’s renewed speculation about a possible Austin – Seoul flight though most certainly not next year. Before the pandemic there was a lot of whispering that Delta as Korean Air were exploring the possibility as part of their joint venture. It would be the first flight from Austin to Asia.

  • Service! Details matter! (HT: @xJonNYC)

  • Mathematics of grilling

    Increasing the number of times a burger is flipped from one side to the other reduces its cook time by up to nearly a third, theoretical calculations suggest. But cooks at home probably won’t see much benefit out of more than three to four flips, mathematician Jean-Luc Thiffeault reports June 17 in Physica D.

  • The new Brussels Airlines safety video is amazing, at least first time through. I imagine for very frequent flyers of the airline it may begin to grate. The song was performed live at the airport, but doesn’t come close to being as good as this music video filmed at Munich airport

  • Korean Air 747 ‘broke loose’ in Anchorage

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  1. @gary Do you think AA would ever launch AUS-ICN? I know they codeshare the KE DFW-ICN flights. I could only imagine how much Samsung would spend on that route + cargo.

  2. AA will not launch AUS-ICN. AA has weak POS and marketing in Asia, always has. I can see KE on this route, perhaps, on the 787 but not daily and interline with AA, similar to how AA and KE cooperate on DFW-ICN.

  3. @Roberto – No I would not think so, unlike Delta/Korean there’s no connectivity on the other end of that flight and they’ve already got DFW-ICN, plus they’ve lost a ton of money on Asia

  4. Hooverphonic is a tremendously underrated Belgian band that’s been around for over 25 years. Almost impossible to define musically, they’ll hit some format you like eventually. Try “2 Wicky” (probably their most well-known song), “The World Is Mine”, or “Anger Never Dies” on YouTube to see how varied they can be. And yes, they change lead singers all the time, they’ve had five. Also interesting to see all the Magritte Easter-eggs in the video. (Yes, he’s Belgian.) I’m sure there are more Belgian tributes I’m unaware of on first viewing.

    Downside of flipping burgers – you have to stand there. I’m more of put them on the grill, put on cover, set timer, go do something else, come back, flip them, cover, do more of something else, temp with Thermo-pen, done. I have no desire to stand there and fight flare-ups.

  5. Flipping burgers isn’t a good thing imho
    I’ve been cooking them since my teens as well as professionally many many years ago
    Every time you flip you let juices potentially run out
    And the worst of all? Taking the spatula and pressing down on the burger.It’s shocking how many professionals ruin burgers and home cooks as well

  6. Why would you say AUS is killing it?
    You mean overcrowded, messes with security and lines?
    Who would like that?

  7. The Delta/Korean joint venture will be the source of nearly all new routes to Northeast Asia. AA and UA’s decision along with their Japanese joint venture partners to try to support hubs at NRT and HND will not work. Average fares are higher at HND and that will accelerate as Tokyo local traffic shifts to Haneda.
    Seoul ICN has space to expand and that will improve as Asiana is merged into Korean Airlines.

    Delta has a boatload of A350s and A330-900s in service and coming, the largest transpacific capable fleet that they or Northwest have ever had. They won’t be used for transatlantic flights.

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