With So Much Emphasis On Airport Security, Why Is It So Easy To Steal Luggage From Baggage Claim? [Roundup]

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  1. “With So Much Emphasis On Airport Security, Why Is It So Easy To Steal Luggage From Baggage Claim?”

    Because airports are under the jurisdiction of the cities that own them. And look who controls the DA’s office in those cities. Stealing luggage isn’t a crime according to them – or at least not one they’re going to prosecute. Got no one to blame but yourselves, progressives. Vote for stupid candidates, win stupid prizes.

  2. That’s a stupid assessment, @C_M.

    KATL is the busiest airport in the world, and my home airport. Yet I have no voting rights in the city of Atlanta, nor do the majority of the passengers that pass through the airport.

  3. @C_M a little early for April Fool’s but that’s a good one!

  4. “When I was a kid, New York airports used to check baggage claim tags against the bags you were taking from the airport.”

    Total blast from the past! The sass and the attitude at LaGuardia from those baggage tag ladies … you didn’t mess with them or they would mess you up

  5. C_M you are totally correct..No rules for criminals in most liberal cities and states!!!

  6. Looks like C.M. and dee don’t believe that conservatives can be thieves. Kindly Google the number of Nixon, Reagan and Trump top level appointees indicted or convicted. Criminal behavior knows no politics and to immediately jump on one’s biases to blame others is just silly.

  7. @drrichard – I hope your medical thinking is clearer than your logical skills. I said nothing about WHO was stealing the bags, I just said that (large) airports tend to be located in urban areas and the baggage claim is under the jurisdiction of the local government. Almost all large urban areas are under the control of Democrats, many of them also have Progressive DAs who don’t prosecute non-violent thefts – especially if they’re under $1000. Enterprising criminals of all stripes and political persuasions know this – hence the surge in stealing luggage. Although if you can point to the stats indicating a surge in registered Republicans stealing luggage, I’m sure we can arrange a timeslot on MSNBC for you to disclose this. Otherwise you’re just blowing smoke and you know it. The real issue is the crime not being prosecuted, and for that you can only blame one faction of one side.

  8. What some guy dresses like a lady and steals people’s luggage, you know we’re all in a bad place.

  9. When I hear a story like this it makes me thinks that hotels should always have phones in the bathrooms where she could have easily asked for assistance.Phones might help for other purposes besides getting locked in.Security wise it just makes sense an they are cheap to buy/install
    Back in the day that was normal to have a phone in the bathroom.While I empathize with the guest
    sounds like she is playing hardball with the hotel though we don’t know what the hotel offered her or what her expectation is and if it is reasonable

  10. No one is commenting that the employees who used to verify the bag tags were frequently airline employees, not city employees. Either way, no one seems to be around claim areas in any case.
    Seems to me that most of the security is focused on what’s going onto the aircraft. After it’s off the plane, no one seems to care what happens to it.
    You know, it would be nice to stay on the topic, C_M and dee, rather than dragging your politics in like a dead cat. No one wants to hear it, except you.
    Let the vitriol against my comment now commence.

  11. My wife just got back from a girls trip to Cambodia. Her guide in Siem Reap was in one of the farm families whose land is being taken by the government with insanely low compensation offers. These people have lived near the temples for centuries. There’s little reason now to take their land then relocate them out in BFE to easily service tourism.

  12. Totally agree about the checking claim tickets to leave the baggage claim area in NYC… I’d fly there each summer to visit my grandparents and cousins, one trip I lost my claim ticket and it was a total ordeal to escape with my bag!

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