Woman Arrested for Molesting Another Female Passenger on Flight from Vegas

It’s usually either male TSA agents that are sexually molesting passengers or a creepy male passenger molesting the woman beside him (or molesting a flight attendant).

But make no mistake — women can behave just as badly in an airport or on a plane as men can. Whether it’s actress Lara Flynn Boyle flashing her breasts and crawling into bed with a male stranger in British Airways First, or a drunk realtor exposing her breasts inflight as she refuses to put out her e-cigarette.

So it really shouldn’t be that surprising that a woman was arrested on Sunday for groping the breasts and genitals of another woman on her Alaska Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Portland.

The woman was taken to jail, bail set at $2500, but ultimately the assailant is not going to be charged.

When the plane reached the terminal, officers contacted a woman who said she had been touched on the breasts and genitals without consent.

Police then arrested Heidi F. McKinney, 26, of Banks, Oregon and accused her of third-degree sex abuse. A “no complaint” disposition was filed Monday afternoon and McKinney was released after local prosecutors decided not to pursue charges. The case has been referred to federal officials to review.

Here’s the police report on via The Smoking Gun:

It seems wrong to make a comment here about Alaska Airlines and Virgin

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  1. Of course it’s just another “customer service incident”, as Alaska calls them 😉

  2. That’s a little tacky don’t you think? What if that woman was your wife or daughter “just a customer service incident” ? If it was was mine I wouldn’t.

    Must be a slow day for you post this crap

  3. No big deal. Just like being in a Target restroom or changing room these days.

  4. Why not being charged? Women getting unfair breaks while they shout about inequality?

  5. If she had been a man and did this she would still be sitting in jail and could forget about having the charges dropped.

  6. The alleged female groper mentioned in this blog entry was a Ben Carson for President supporter this year. Maybe she has since become a Trump supporter after Carson suspended his campaign to become the Republican nominee for US President in this year’s election.

  7. Really, DaninMCI? Transphobic much? Fact of the matter is, straight white men are the most predatory group of all. They’re the threats. Not transgender people in restrooms.

  8. Really GUWonder? Your post is as tasteless and ignorant as Gary’s post. Geez where do these people come from?

    I am surprised that Boarding Area has allowed this post to stand.

  9. Really Michael? Are you a straight white male? If not, you know nadda. We need more hot females on planes groping. Anyone who doesn’t like that, go ride another politically correct train. When Trump is POTUS, more women can squeeze my tush.

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