Woman Blown Over By JetBlue Aircraft While Planespotting

One of the most beautiful places in the world to plane spot, or even just to land, is Princess Juliana International Airport in Saint Maarten.

It always seemed dangerous, though, just how close folks are on the beach to airport operations.

And apparently (via Conde’ Nast’s Daily Traveler), on Saturday someone found out. She

stood on Maho Beach Sint Maarten (it’s located right behind the island’s Princess Juliana airport) and was literally blown over by the force of a JetBlue plane taking off. She face-planted into the cement

Fortunately she is apparently safe.

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  1. From both videos looks like people have taken to trying to hold the fence and flying themselves as flags for sport. What’s that a new twist on planking? no problems if any of them breaks their head, they’re brain damaged already.

  2. I’ve been to that beach before and it’s hard to resist not getting as close to the runway as possible. As always, YMMV with how far the plane throws you 😉

  3. This happens all the time on St. Maarten – there is a tiki bar just to the left of where this video is being filmed and the ‘plane spotting’ is more or less a terrific spectator sport there – – NO ONE gets taken by surprise by the jet wash, you can even see people on the beach running like hell when the plane makes the turn – – they know what’s coming next!

    Fortunately for the girl that face planted into the concrete barrier, the tiki bar is close by, but on the other hand, the tiki bar could’ve been a contributing factor as well . . .

  4. I’m glad Mike, Peter, and Jim never did anything stupid.

    That was recorded on camera anyway.

    I’ve never done this, and probably never will, but it’s obviously quite popular considering how many photos and videos there have been over many years now. I guess to some folks this whole scenario is still news and thus ripe for confusion and condemnation. As for me, I’d prefer to just sit back on the beach and watch the low-propulsion ARRIVALS land while giving the takeoffs all the room they need. 🙂

  5. Did this a couple weeks ago while there on a cruise, it is a blast!! But if you don’t hold onto the fence for the whole time you’re in trouble.

  6. FOD, deafness. I don’t give a damn if people want to risk serious injury, perhaps death. The bar nearby is fine for me. Have a drink, watch the occasional AF343 or KL744 mixed in with the US domestic fleet, and all is good.

  7. That is crazy! I would be worried being anywhere nearby for fear of losing my hearing, let alone how dumb it is to stand behind a plane so close and hanging on for your life.

  8. I’ve been there and that is an awesome beach and great place to plane spot, but I’m sure it is only a matter of time until stupid people like that girl get the whole thing shut down for the rest of us.

  9. I as well have been to this beach several times…

    …to clarify she wasn’t blown over, she ran off and tripped because you can’t see with all the stinging sand blowing around. Big difference.

    She would likely not have been surprised as planes are coming and going every few minutes.

    Also I have stood behind B737 + A319 with no problem.

    Now the KLM747 that goes out is much more powerful, but the Jetblue shown was not as powerful for sure.

    Her fault for deciding to go to the fence; Most people stay on the beach.

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