Woman BUSTED for Using Her Breast Implants to Smuggle Cocaine

Get it…?

Spanish police have arrested a 43-year-old Venezuelan woman who landed in Madrid’s international airport trying to smuggle 3.7 pounds of cocaine via her breast implants.

She appeared nervous going through customs, was searched, and eventually ‘copped’ to smuggling cocaine in her breast implants.

Just replace saline with cocaine (they even rhyme) and you’ll usually get through (airport security mantra, “you don’t get on until we get off” notwithstanding).

You just have to hope that the cocaine doesn’t leak, or the mule may die of one massive overdose.

(HT: Alan H.)

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  1. Unless you’ve relocated to the U.K. for the purpose of writing this post, saline and cocaine do not rhyme.

  2. I do hope the authorities made a thorough search and referred to the “cocaine bust protocol” all law enforcement is trained on…….

  3. I was trying to figure out if I had been pronouncing one of them incorrectly my entire life.

  4. Try this:
    Saline: Saleene
    Cocaine: Cacaeene

    In portuguese for instance it would be Salina (not the same thing though) and Cocaina, bot perfectly rhyme.

    PS – am I not the one who said that to mr Leff

  5. This is truly horrible. What kind of a dickwad male pseudo-surgeon made this lady undergo surgery, implanted lethal doses of cocaine inside her, and then who the hell was going to be the one to cut into her again (across the border) to remove it? Any of you “travel experts” think a woman would willingly undergo this kind of surgery TWICE? Obviously she was being forced to let people mutilate her. And the author of the story describes it as simply “being nervous”. I think some of you here should examine your personal level of as_holeness and ask yourselves why you’re concerned about pronunciation of a word, while a woman is being forced to have drugs implanted surgically in her. How about if somebody forces YOUR wife to do that? Would you maybe have a different take on the topic then?

  6. @Lindy: or….. she’s not very bright, saw it as easy cash, a free trip, needed the $, and didn’t think it thru too well. naw… you’re right, people NEVER do stupid things for money (insert looonnngg pause so you can think thru the last comment). just like people never think thru all possible scenarios before posting authoritative positions on a subject they know nothing about and lambaste others for not thinking of the same unlikely extremem scenario. ahem.

  7. So Abby, you are thinking she is probably just stupid STUPID STUPID, and therefore responsible for her bodily mutilation? She had bloody gauze on her chest, and the searchers observed that she had been deformed. The evidentiary photos of her breasts are horrible: bloody openings, slices in the top of the breast with the weight of the breast pulling on the stitches and creating multiple holes that let you see inside her body, obvious deformation. No breast surgeon in the world does that! There’s no way in hades she could’ve done a half-mastectomy to herself, twice!

  8. ahhh Lindy… you’ve taken poetic license with the article- adding your own hyperbole to it to support your apparent drug (cocaine?!) fueled embellishment. the bugs are under your skin too, aren’t they- and you have to scratch and dig them out. take a long sleep and you’ll be fine when you wake up next thursday.

    on another note: shockingly, rarely are the legitimate breast surgeons involved in the special cocaine implants. also, only in your internal dialogue did anyone imply she performed surgery on herself (don’t mix alcohol and drugs Lindy- you know how it makes you imagine things).

    final note: there are a lot of mind numbingly stupid people in this world. if you’re over the age of 8 and no longer fall for ‘i got your nose’, this should not be news to you.

  9. She was a drug mule for a cartel, forced to undergo the disfigurement & mutilation, probably under threat of harm or death to her relatives if she didn’t cooperate. This event actually occurred at the beginning of the month, not this week. Unfortunately, the loved ones whom she was probably trying to protect by doing this have probably already been killed by the cartel, upon her failure. It really is a sad story. Yes, I’ve read many reports about this, not just the article Gary provided.

  10. Gary,

    I have lost all respect for you.

    Did you enjoy your misogynistic post?

    Did you enjoy laughing at how a woman might die for this?

    What a demeaning post. Unbecoming for a “respected” blogger such as yourself.

    This is a very sad, dehuminizing, scary situation for the woman. It is indicitive of a much larger human suffering and the means of survival for certain sectors for our society.

    This isn’t something mock-worthy. How disgusting for you to demoralize the female body into nothing more than a tool to be used and discarded.

    This is beneath you as a human being and member of the planet.

  11. What makes you think that the woman in question did not do it herself? Even if she was pressured at home, she was on her own and certainly protected by law enforcement when she arrived in the U.S.

    There’s no indication that she was in any way sick or experiencing negative effects of this in the news story linked to in this post. If you have a complaint, you’d better take it to the newspaper which took the same tone as this blog post does!

    There is a lot of human suffering in the world, but there’s very little here to suggest that this is indicative of much of it at all. Gary doesn’t say the female body is meant to be used and abused, if anything he points out how others are doing this and thereby raises awareness (whether that was his intention or not).

    As a woman I see nothing misogynistic about this post, whatsoever.

    But you’re the same person who already didn’t respect Gary because he suggested Dublin as a connecting airport when you thought it was ludicrous not to talk about how great it is as a stopover, right?

    In short, icicle, don’t get your panties in a bunch.

  12. @julia

    As someone that works in the medical community, I am fully aware that it is very difficult to perform any kind of plastic surgery upon oneself. So yes, she had help. And if you do not think the woman involved does not have some sort of problem (be it internal or external), then you need to do some research on psychology and the economic situation of Venezuela. Also, do research on breast implant surgery in certain areas of South American and the impact on the surrounding culture with detrimental effects on female self-image.

    Gary is the one that mentioned she could die from doing this- and I was pointing out how inappropriate his crass response and laughter is to women.

    His story link is to a newspaper that is more tabloid than journalism; and is not really esteemed by the intellectual community.

    Also, how does that post of another topic read into this one? Should I search the web and make references to your absurd postings??? Completely banal on your part to make the comparison.

    How do you not know that I haven’t responded to the original article and the author? Why do assume that I haven’t responded already to them?

    Oh, and Julia- my underwear is none of your business either. Don’t make this personal; it is very unbecoming behavior.

    @Lindy- I get a feeling that we are kindred spirits!!

  13. I am shocked! How did we move from breasts to underwear so quickly! This thread is just embarrassing!

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