Woman Gave Birth At The Miami Airport On Fathers Day, Named The Girl MIA

On Sunday – Fathers Days – a woman gave birth to a baby girl inside a restroom near Miami airport’s gate D43 after getting off of an American Airlines flight from Chicago.

The mother, traveling with her aunt, gave birth to the baby at 10:30 a.m. The Miami airport carries the 3 letter code MIA, and uses it in its branding. The mother decided to name the girl Mia, which the airport says they’re “honored” by.

Nearby passengers assisted with the delivery,

In initial reporting there’s no indication that the baby was born significantly prematurely, even if her arrival on Sunday came as a surprise. American’s pregnancy policy is to require a doctor’s certificate attesting to the mother’s fitness to fly for all travel within four weeks of the due date. I suspect this rule was not followed.

How fitting would it be, though, if Mia were to grow up and work at the airport in an operations role? He could say she was so in tune with running the hub since she was literally born there.

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  1. It is fortunate this kiddo was not born in the Fresno Yosemite International Airport, because she might be named “FAT?”

  2. @Ken
    That’s nothing, imagine if she was born in Horta, the azores in portugal
    Airport code HOR

  3. Maybe a trip to Cozumel wasn’t such a great idea at this point. Having the baby there would have created some nuisance reentry issues too. Anyway, glad everything worked out well; sounds like she and her friend and sister (the baby’s aunt) had the situation well in hand. Nice name too.

  4. @drrichard – I don’t see anything to suggest the women that assisted with the birth were traveling in the same party as the mother.

    Nice story!

  5. Beautiful. A 15 year old gives birth in an airport bathroom and already has a go fund me page. Taxpayers can look forward to providing support forever.

  6. Names should have meaning. Mia, how apt!
    On flying within weeks of the due date, let’s all check our unconscious biases. White woman giving birth – oh she mustn’t have known. Woman of color giving birth – why doesn’t she follow the rules. Please, all of us, check our privileges. The comment above about taxpayer support is completely without merit. @Rjb wins dumbest comment award.

  7. HOR and FAT are mentioned above.

    There was someone born in a driveway when the mother couldn’t get to the hospital fast enough. The boy’s name is “Driveway”. No joking. Sad.

  8. Thanks @Dick in Mianus for policing us all we are all scum I guess but since Mr. Dick doesn’t know our demographics it seems a bit off base. When the Young Honduran Daniela Paz decided to fly from Chicago to Miami I have to wonder why she took that trip at her stage of pregnancy. There must be more to the story that the media hasn’t bothered to report. The GoFund me page will help this person if they ever see the money but the goal is $1,000 I think which should offset the cost of the plane ticket I would assume. All that being said I do think it’s cute to name her MIA.

  9. I thought the name MIA was the mother referring to the father as “missing in action” since he was nowhere to be seen.

  10. nsx at FlyerTalk says:
    June 21, 2021 at 9:42 pm
    Could have been worse. Could have been Sioux Falls.


  11. While I agree we (citizens of the world as we know it) should be more aware of our unconscious biases, I have trouble taking seriously any comments from someone calling themselves “Dick in Mianus”. By the way, if you can’t find Mianus, CT on a map, go to Greenwich and look behind you.

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