Woman Jumps American Airlines Counter When She’s Not Allowed To Board Without Shoes

On Saturday a woman jumped over the counter at an American Airlines gate in Miami in order to attack an airline employee. She was enraged that she wasn’t allowed to board her flight 1061 to Los Angeles without shoes.

The mishap began at the American Airlines gate, as the two pleaded their case about why the barefoot Mohammadi should get to fly to Los Angeles. When they were told no, Mohammadi got angry with the gate member until they were told to leave.

Cellphone footage showed Mohammadi getting upset with the gate member, jumping on the counter barefoot, according to police and the airline, in an attempt to strike the employee.

She and her companion were arrested outside the terminal after an altercation with officers. She faces charges of disorderly intoxication, battery on a police officer, and resisting arrest while he is merely charged with disorderly intoxication and resisting an officer without violence.

Towards the end of the video, during the altercation with police, the woman quickly goes from challenging them “arrest me!” to “why are you arresting me?” She seems to have fun with her mugshot.

According to the woman they went through the TSA security checkpoint but didn’t realize she’d forgotten her shoes. Instead of going back to the checkpoint to get her shoes, she wanted to travel without them. And she acknowledges that jumping the counter to lunge at the American Airlines agent wasn’t the right response to being told no, “OK, and I get that, and I will take 100% responsibility.”

On the other hand, in her defense, she says she isn’t a seasoned traveler, “you know what? I don’t go on the airport that often.” So she’s just not familiar with the norms for this sort of thing. And she offers, “People make mistakes.”

Compounding the mistake of lunging at the American Airlines gate staff, her companion kicked a police officer who responded to the scene. Both passengers admitted they had pre-gamed with tequila prior to heading to the airport.

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  1. When you order a pizza, are you surprised when one is delivered? Well, they ordered, and then they got served. I live video vignettes with a happy ending!!!

  2. You know I try really hard not to judge people by their clothes or their hair style but …every dang time!!! I knew it before I watched the video. Those cops deserve a medal for not duct taping her mouth.

  3. She’s a piece of trash…misbehave should be banned from flying . .she’s going to spread bacteria from her stinky foot. Boone has to tolerate her behavior.

  4. The police used an amazing amount of restraint in dealing with a totally obnoxious couple. Much
    respect for the police.

  5. Such restraint shown by the police, I’m impressed. I think the police would have been justified taseing those two degenerates. They deserved much more than they received. I wonder how it feels to make national news for how stupid you are.

  6. My respect to the officers that handle the situation and the airlines employees. Its a shame some people disregard authority.

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