Woman Only Partially In A Swimsuit Top Melts Down At Jamaica Airport

A woman at American Airlines check-in in Montego Bay, Jamaica, only partially wearing a swimsuit top, melts down – attacking police and screaming – before being handcuffed and taken into custody. It appears after video of the incident (which I will link to, but not embed) ends that officers cover her up. She was reportedly connecting enroute to Nevada.

The video opens with the nearly naked passenger on the ground. Already police have responded. She gets up and tosses a backpack at another passenger. She throws other items before winds up back down on the ground. then gets back up again, attacks a man in a police vest and is restrained by an airline employee – and grabs at herself. Her complaint is inaudible, and then she screams while her top becomes mostly dislodged. The woman winds up in a struggle with an officer before being subdued.

She either had a very bad, or very good, vacation. At the conclusion of the incident the woman was taken to Cornwall Regional Hospital on Tuesday. Here’s a longer version of the video.

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  1. Wasn’t that the upset woman who just came off an Alaska flight where most of her clothes were sucked out of the plane?

  2. That wasn’t a swimsuit it was her bra with et her tits hanging out. She sure gave that cop a soaking golden shower.

  3. Why post something like this? This is beneath you. The woman has clear mental issues/breakdown.

  4. My one and only time in Jamacia every 10 feet someone was offering me “some smoke mon”. She must have taken them up on the offer.

  5. Please, if I ever become this crazy, just shoot me and spare everyone the humiliation. Please.

  6. She must not have been flying Delta. It’s an ultra premium airline with impeccable financials, and they never have issues like this.

    Timmy out

  7. Why post something like this? This is beneath you. The woman has clear mental issues/breakdown.

    This…may someone you care about ever not suffer such torment

  8. I like the restraint of the Jamaican authorities. If this was an American airport this woman would have probably been beaten to a pulp.

  9. I’m adding my (supporting) opinion that the “humor” and other degrading comments about this “situation” in which a real human being is clearly in deep distress (for whatever reason) and deserves some dignity and certainly some pity. In all the consternation, this is a reminder to all of us to be compassionate as much as possible, and thankful for one’s own stability and (mental) health.

  10. I think it’s more likely drugs than any inherent mental issues. And that’s underwear, not a swimsuit. It’s hard to tell but I think she got a lightning ride and yet continued to fight afterwards. When you buy street drugs who knows what’s in them?!

  11. Who is making excuses? You mess yourself up with drugs it’s your fault.

    And this is beyond “bad behavior”. Something’s wrong upstairs, whether temporarily or permanently.

  12. I believe that this woman was drugged and raped and that could be the reason she was trying to grab the groin area of the police and was fighting. She was fighting the attacker in her head. It is possible she was reliving her ordeal. Just before she gave that big scream, she said” l never had sex in her life”. She is a dentist and she possibly went through a traumatic experience and she became overwhelmed with the pain. Please express your compassion. For that woman who was in the blue blouse that tried to stop the lady from covering the exposed body of the doctor, all l want to say to her , is this the way you would act if it was your daughter? Shame on you

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