Woman Puts Herself Through X-Ray Machine to Make Her Sure Bags Aren’t Stolen

One of the strangest things about the screening process to me is that at most airports when a passenger alarms or is flagged for random additional testing the whole line stops. It would be far more efficient to divert the passenger and continue moving the line through.

Sometimes going through the checkpoint I’m stuck waiting to get screened while my bags have already gone through. Usually it’s the reverse, but I never want to be separated from my bags where I cannot see my bags. Too much has been stolen from the checkpoint, just ask the TSA screener who took an iPad and then a TV crew turned up at his house (since he hadn’t turned off tracking) or the screener who stole a CNN camera and then tried to eBay it.

One woman decided to go through the x-ray machine herself along with her bags. This happened at the Dongguan Railway Station in Guangdong Province.

According to photos obtained by AsiaWire, this woman CLIMBED INTO THE MACHINE because she thought those crafty security employees were going to steal her bag.

Imagine being the officer in charge of monitoring the X-ray machine.

“Yep, there’s a bag, a mobile phone, a purse, a briefcase, another mobile phone…a…a human?” I can see them thinking.

It’s happened at an airport too, of course. This was from two years ago. (“A staff member directs the bloke to the machine to put his bag inside and the flyer doesn’t realise that it’s for luggage only.”)

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