Woman Shows Up At The Airport, Proposes To A Man She Met Online 10 Days Ago

Here’s a new twist on the age old marriage proposal in the skies. A woman who met ‘her soulmate’ online 10 days earlier showed up at the Las Vegas airport to propose to him.

Since meeting they had video chatted every night, but they had never met in person. This would be their first time seeing each other in person – and he doesn’t know she’s coming.


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She says she decided to propose because his profile says he likes strong women so he’ll presumably like her taking this initiative. Everyone is honest in their profiles, of course. (Even if they wanted to be honest, many people aren’t sufficiently self-aware or meta-rational to know if they really like strong women.)

The man says… no, and he’s not at all amused that this is being filmed.


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Usually inflight marriage proposals end with a yes. They’re also usually made to people who actually know each other in real life. Airport proposals seem more iffy. This may be staged, of course.

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  1. Wow! Really? 10 days and never met in person? I thought mail order brides (husbands) went away with the horse and buggy! Thanks Gary, I needed a laugh this morning!

  2. Based on his overly demonstrative hand gestures, including counting off the 10 days on his fingers – I’m thinking this was staged. Still fun viewing though…

  3. On the broader question of whether 10 days is enough time to figure out whether someone is worth marrying: It could be. Rarely, sure, but certainly possible. Relationships come in all forms. Some people click, right from the get-go. Some people are not picky. Some people this, some people that. Intersect all of these sets of “some people” and you end up with scenarios that defy the common timeline of several years of dating prior to marriage.

  4. Staged. If the purpose of this was to be the “talk of the town” and be on the TV shows next week, maybe being offered a lucrative job or position for the “spurned lover,” then this all failed.
    But in today’s society some idiot will start a GO FUND ME page for the aspiring actress (cough, LOL) who was supposedly rejected.
    The couple will get together on the weekend and watch the money flow in…….yeah right!
    I don’t think Ellen will invite her on the show and I don’t think any movie parts will open up for her. Good try though. Get some tips from Megan next time.

  5. Maybe try taking 15 seconds looking at the instagram before posting nonsense like this. There is no may about it. The instagram is full of stage stuff like this.

  6. If she has 5 million American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer miles to share, what man could resist saying yes to this marriage proposal.

  7. If this is fake I’m shocked. Why would they stage something like this? I know it’s The Internet and all, but seriously.

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