Woman Sues Aer Lingus For Yanking Her Out Of The Lavatory As Plane Took Off

Am I the only one excited that there’s a ‘crazy inflight passenger story’ even if it means that I’m enjoying what had to be a traumatizing experience while it was going on? Anything for the respite of bad news about the industry and about the world.

Normally you can use the lavatory while the seat belt sign is on. During takeoff and landing is another matter.

An Aer Lingus passenger is suing because she says flight attendants yanked out of the lavatory as the plane prepared to go into its takeoff roll.

The passenger says she was “dragged back to her seat while her pants were still below her knees, exposing her buttocks and genitalia to other passengers.” But it wasn’t just emotional distress from being “the subject of laughter,” she also reports injuring her hip during the confrontation.

She says two flight attendants “broke through the lavatory door, grabbed the plaintiff under her arms, dragged her to her seat while her pants were below her knees, and threw her with great force into the arm rest and seat.”

According to the filing, Ms Oshana’s flight taxied from the departure gate at O’Hare International Airport and remained stopped on the tarmac for around 30 minutes before it taxied on towards the runway for take-off.

While it was stopped on the tarmac she left her seat to go to the toilet.

According to the complaint, about 20 seconds after entering the toilet she heard one or more persons banging on the door, telling her she needed to return to her seat.

By this stage she was seated on the toilet with her pants down.

The filing said she told those on the other side of the door she would go back to her seat “in just a minute”.

The lawsuit was only filed last week, but the incident allegedly occurred on board a Chicago – Dublin flight on April 26, 2018. Even in these troubled times the clock to file lawsuits remains ticking. And if a lawsuit is an excuse for a moment for some lavatory humor, then I have to thank the passenger for filing it.

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  1. I seem to miss out: in thousands of flights I’ve never seen anything out of the ordinary. No dramas, fights, exposed genitals/ buttocks, sexual activity.

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