You Won’t Believe What Happened to This Man on a Flight to Hong Kong!

I almost wanted to pretend I was Buzzfeed and add an “OMG!” to the title of the post.

Because a man on a Cathay Pacific Newark – Hong Kong flight trapped his middle finger in the lavatory’s trash bin.

He couldn’t get it out.

And he had to stay in the lavatory for the rest of the flight and for landing. It took firefighters to free him upon landing. (Although the South China Morning Post has a conflicting account suggesting that he managed to free himself before firefighters arrived.)

At least this happened, apparently, towards the end of the flight rather than at the beginning, and he was only stuck in the lav for an hour. The passenger was a 32 year old American man.

That’s the story, anyway. But I cannot imagine how this is possible. You push the flap of the trash down, you pull your finger up. He had to have been doing something else. He must have reached down somehow. And I do not even want to speculate about why.. what he was doing in the lavatory that caused this to happen. But if you’d like to play this one out in the comments.

  • How do you actually get your finger stuck in an airplane lavatory’s trash?
  • What must you be trying to do in order to make that possible?

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  1. He was giving the finger to conformity. “Here’s what I think of your ‘go back to your seat for landing’ rules!”

  2. I’ll see if I can replicate the episode and figure out what he did when I fly back this weekend. As long as they’ll still deliver Krug to me in the lavatory 😉

  3. “OMG!” should be reserved for posts about massive credit card signup bonuses.

    Also, are you and Lucky just cross-posting now? I’ve got back-to-back notifications from both of you about this and the Amex transfer bonus this morning.

    I don’t follow your blog for stories about fingers. I can get that from any old news source. As a flyer and foodie, I’m here for pictures of sweet sweet BBQ!

    How about organizing a combination FlyerTalk DO + RibFest?

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