Won’t Last: Up to 40% Off Tumi Bags

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Tumi doesn’t often big sales. It’s expensive luggage, but it’s the archetypal bag for the business traveler. People love their Tumi bags, and they usually pay full price unless they’re just taking whatever’s on clearance.

Amazon currently has 3 bags on sale with free Prime shipping and this won’t last, especially at just a smidge over 40% off for this first one:

Tumi Vapor Lite Continental Carry-On, Chili, One Size $495 292.83

Tumi Vapor Lite Short Trip Packing Case, Chili, One Size $515 $385

Tumi Tegra-Lite Max International $695 $555

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  1. I have looked at these Tumi bags and their unreasonable price tags. Even with this 40% discount. I avoid WalMart 99% of the time. I went to see what they had just to compare. I found American Tourister at $69 for a 22″. WalMart has a 90-day return / exchange policy. It has been working well for me. There was one problem, I went back last week and exchanged it and got another one with blue trim. It is very cute. For a man, blue trim is cool and yesterday the FA’s commented cute bag. There is no need to impress yourself or others and spend $500 to $1,500 on a bag. No one cares. Remember, feeling are NOT real. Feelings, thoughts, fears, hopes are all inside your head. Not real. When the $69 bag falls apart in a year or several years, throw it away and get another for $69. Pretty simple. Put your ego away. Even though I hate WalMart. Even though I am in the top 1% of income in the US. Put your ego away.

  2. Even at this price point, I would take Briggs & Riley every time. Better bags, better quality, and better warranty.

  3. Gilt has Tumi sales all the time and they have the full range of colors available not just the loud ones that no one wants to buy.

  4. @Carlos Even $69 may be more than necessary for a utilitarian box on wheels to hold your stuff. The last carryon rollaboard I bought was $20 on clearance.

  5. @Carlos – I don’t believe in conspicuous consumption either, but there are travelers who appreciate the difference in functionality and quality offered by higher-end luggage. That’s not to say you should pay full price or anything close to it for Tumi, Rimowa, or whatever. My own Briggs and Riley carry-on cost about $250 on sale, and it has already been four problem-free years and will last forever thanks to the lifetime warranty. (BTW, the “I’ll just throw this cheap luggage away when it breaks” philosophy only adds to our landfills full of cheap garbage, and also – where do you think you will be when that luggage breaks? Guess what, it doesn’t break sitting in your closet, it will almost always break at the worst possible moment when you’re traveling.)

  6. @carlos – I don’t buy the argument that just because you own something expensive it must be to show it off. I’m far (far) from the top 1% and I own several quality items that may be considered trendy or overpriced, including my luggage. I couldn’t care less about what others think – I just don’t want to haul around a broken bag. I love the functionality and look of my Rimowa hand luggage – It’s taken me around the world several times without any issue and I like the way it packs.

    I’ve never bought into ‘buy cheap and replace when broken’ because:

    -it’s so time consuming to replace items that shouldn’t need to be replaced continuously

    -our landfills are doing a great job being filled – I don’t need to contribute more

    -as someone who’s been to some of the countries where your luggage is made, I try to avoid buying disposable, cheaply made consumables (really hard to do 100% of the time these days).

    To each their own I suppose…

  7. @carlos I had one of those $69 American Tourister bags get ripped and completely fall apart (as checked luggage) while in transit on an international 2-stop flight. Practically all the stuff inside ended up falling out somewhere along the way and upon arriving in Asia early in the morning I was greeted with a nearly-empty bag, missing a bunch of items that add up to well more than the pricing of these Tumi bags. I do not believe this was theft, I believe the bag simply fell apart… In the end I WAS able to recover some money from my credit card’s travel insurance, but it was an incredible hassle as I only had absolute essentials in my carry on. I’m not saying you need to spend $1500 on a piece of luggage but your “just buy a new one when it falls apart” line doesn’t take into account WHERE it ends up falling apart.

  8. @02nz the problem is that that “functionality and quality” really isn’t there. I swear by Kirkland 2-wheel rollers from Costco and have compared mine straight up, side by side, to B&R, Tumi, Travelpro, etc. The ballistic nylon is as thick, the zippers are as smooth, and the frame is as sturdy and inflexible under load as all the others. Lifetime guarantee (which I’ve never had to invoke), and there are a lot more Costcos around than Tumi retailers. There might come a point at which I need the “badge of honor” for professional norms purposes, but that time hasn’t come yet, and until then I’ll refuse to pay for pure ego stroking.

  9. Uh, Carlos,
    Feelings, thoughts, fears and hopes are as “real” as opinions. All of them have their place and the issue is to examine and apply them wisely.
    I think you are confusing “concrete” and “real.” Or perhaps tangible and intangible.
    However, it seems that all are being seen through your distinctly personal values (e.g. “cool” and “cute,” “…the top 1% of income in the US.”)
    Some unsolicited advice I saw recently said (twice): “Put your ego away.”
    My personal filter says that’s not a bad idea — if it applies.

  10. Thanks, Gary. Tumi is my favorite as well, & I am personally thrilled at knowing about this significant sale.

    Hubs is ordering for me for Christmas, just in time for Hawaii in January. Thx from us both for the heads-up. Also about those ebags packing cubes, love em!

  11. One option is to search for a used Tumi either on Craigs List or Ebay if you want the quality without the steep price. I bought a used tumi roller board from Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro AL back in 2005. I SWEAR by that bag. It has had an occasional zipper problem and been torn along the way. I have gone to Tumi and had them fix it.

    The old Tumi bags fit soooo much more than the newer ones and they wear like iron. I couldn’t be happier with that bag. I also have bought a Tumi computer bag at Nordstrom Rack which was deeply discounted as well as the International roller board from a Tumi outlet store. Both of those bags are used on a very regular basis.

    You get what you pay for – I am not interested in buying $69 bag from Walmart that I have to be concerned with falling apart. Instead I paid $140 for my used Tumi 12 years ago and am willing to pay for repairs when needed. Tumi is one of the best values there is – especially if you hunt and find a good price on it.

  12. Nice but ebags has some better on average deals right now. They are 10x on AA and BA plus 2k UR points using Chase pay and have a bunch of stuff on sale. $49 fee shipping or free shoprunner shipping plus several coupons. I don’t love ebags but amazon could learn some stuff from them on airlines portals.

  13. Tumi is way overpriced even at 40% off, but at least it isn’t Rimowa. I don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would get one of those. Rimowa exists purely because rich people have too much money and too little brains. It’s like Porsche, you only buy one because it’s a status symbol and not because it’s quality or practical.

  14. The reviews on those Tumi bags are pretty poor–lots of reports of the ABS hardside breaking, not holding up. Personally, my biggest concern is that the luggage hold up while I am traveling. I’m a Briggs and Riley gal myself. Their products wear like iron.

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