Worse Than Bare Feet On The Seats, This Is The Worst Faux Pas In The Air

Don’t put your bare feet up on the seats or the bulkhead wall of a plane. And do not drape your hair over the seat back so it’s directly in front of the passenger seated behind you. This is even worse on a cramped regional jet.

The type of aircraft means there’s no seat back entertainment screen, so I suppose that is a saving grace: the hair isn’t covering up the show the passenger in the row behind was watching. But that also means they have nothing to distract themselves from The. Hair.

Some people might speak up and say, “Excuse me?”

While others would pull the hair, dip it in coffee or gum, or pull out a pair of scissors. Remember that while TSA once known as the acronym for “Taking Scissors Away,” passengers are now allowed to bring scissors through airport security as long as the blades extend no more than 4 inches from the pivot point.

Can you think of worse everyday on board behavior than a passenger sticking their hair into the space of the passenger behind them? Clipping nails, maybe?

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  1. At times I think that some people go out of their way to antagonize others when they use this type of behavior – of course, if someone else did the same to them they would be outraged. This is the type of behavior seen mostly in entitled leftists…. Think about that.

  2. Women have a natural entitlement about them. They usually grow out of it when they have children and their maternal instincts kick in and make them realize it’s not just about them.

    However some never mature like this especially childless ones.

  3. Unfortunately, I only wish that I could grow enough hair that this was a problem.

  4. Rarely off AA but there are no individual air nozzles on BA and the air circulation is poor. Some businessman in club world kept passing gas the entire ultra long haul flight .

  5. On a recent flight this happened to me. I blew my nose and used the dangling hairpiece as a handy depository for the resulting snot wad.

  6. Shoes on seats or walls (or anything but the floor) is worse than both of these.

  7. The men passing gas must be the right wing of society – hot air know it alls – if so called pony tail entitlement is leftist.

  8. @Gary, I have to differ.
    I actually think peeing on one’s fellow passengers is “the worst faux pas” in the air. 🙂

  9. First of all, hard to believe that your column could lead to a political screed. And really folks. Push the FA button and point it out. She or he will take care of it. Let’s be grownups

  10. First of all I don’t do, or condone, this(!), but men also (obvs) don’t understand leaning one’s head back into a head cushion is uncomfortable with a ponytail!

  11. No! There’s nothing worse than someone’s dirty, stinky a** feet forced into my space! Keep your shoes on and keep your feet to yourself!

  12. Comment below by Steven S., and I could not agree more!

    First of all, hard to believe that your column could lead to a political screed. And really folks. Push the FA button and point it out. She or he will take care of it. Let’s be grownups

  13. @David

    Not everything needs to be political. Seriously. Entitled jerks come from all parts of the political spectrum. Please try to look at people as a whole instead of just their political views – especially political views you are making blatant assumptions about, simple from seeing a little bit of hair dangling over a seat!

    Stop buying into every political wedge the people in power (left or right) dangle in front of you. They’re the problem, you don’t need to take the bait.

  14. @David R. Miller
    Mr. Miller seems to be the first to comment on these threads. And always adding a political slant by slamming the left. I guess he has nothing better to do. I picture him as a gravy, seal, eating Cheetos and hunkered down in his mothers basement. Mostly staring at his computer screen and trolling well-meaning sites. Prove me wrong.

  15. Seriously? If she’s young & cute, leave it be. Blond is a treasure of the human race. Probably doesn’t even realize it. Me thinks “Jason” is a bit light in his loafers. Much worse things to be offended by…

  16. For “WileyDog” @David R. Miller and people like him are most likely not people at all. They are bots designed to make political comments in most stories. Some are very sophisticated and can mix contents from the story into their political message to make it seem like a person writing the related comment.

  17. Reduce chances of picking up lice by twisting long hair into a tight bun. Nobody wants your loose hair in their space. Also if you don’t want vomit it your personal space keep your bare feet out of mine. Thank you

  18. Brett & Wiley Dog – It is always the same people who complain when the truth is expressed – and the majority of the time it is a liberal. This behavior being discussed is a direct result of the liberal agenda to brainwash young people to say/do whatever they want whenever they please. You don’t see this type of behavior from older adults who were brought up right and have respect for others. I will continue to express the truth, – I also know that you liberals will cry about having to see it expressed – after all, that is what liberals have been taught to do – scream, moan and groan whenever a decent person does not agree with your nonsense. Now, go ahead and cry some more – that is what you are good at doing when you can’t have it your way.

  19. @Steven S: Oh, geez. Grow a pair.

    Call the flight attendant?

    How about, “Excuse me Miss. You hair is hanging down over my tray table.”

    Do you have to call the teacher for EVERYTHING?

  20. The ‘hair draping’ is just stupid. Tell the dopey person to get her hair out of your space. Tho I would be inclined to dip it in something or figure out a way to stick something into the hair. The feet thing, however, is beyond belief. Only people without functioning brains do that, so you don’t want to confront them. Someone so primitive could react in all kinds of ugly ways .. much better to call an FA.

  21. @jsn55: How do you manage to function in modern society being so passive? Are you really afraid of asking someone to move their hair out of your space?

  22. Hey Pam, “…men also (obvs) don’t understand leaning one’s head back into a head cushion is uncomfortable with a ponytail!”
    Super curious where you live (in general)? I’m reading this as a dude with my hair pulled back, and while it certainly isn’t the most popular hairstyle for guys, there’s absolutely enough of us that your statement is strange, especially because of the “obvs”
    Have you really never seen a guy with long hair?

  23. @Chad And some men have a medical condition known as diarrhea of the mouth. Hopefully they get over it eventually.

  24. @pam

    Thank you for defining ‘entitled’. If something YOU do TO YOURSELF hurts, stop doing it.

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