WOW: Delta Pilot Hits Passenger While She’s Fighting in the Jetway

While passengers were deplaning a Delta flight, two women on the jetway started fighting. They knock each other to the ground. A pilot intervenes — you can hear a raised voice say “knock it off” as he grabs one of the women on the ground and whacks her.

The women continue to fight, and an onlooker yells using ‘not safe for work language’ as the video ends.

Accordng to TMZ the incident happened “Sunday or Monday,” that “some Delta employees were upset because security wasn’t called” and that a Delta spokesperson says they’re “taking this very seriously.”

Update 1:05 p.m. Eastern: Delta reports having temporarily removed the pilot from active duty during their investigation, however “[t]he pilot has since been returned to work as our investigation found that his actions deescalated an altercation between passengers on the jetway floor during deplaning.”

Here’s the Delta-approved method for de-escalating passenger situations:

The next time Delta takes a whack at your miles, we’ll just excuse it because SkyMiles was merely “de-escalating” their value.

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  1. I do not where all these damn non-police airport/airline people got the idea that they can just manhandle and yell at anyone they want.

    There needs to be some SEVERE attitude adjustment in this industry

  2. Flying these days reminds me of the Jerry Springer Show. The airlines have made it such a miserable experience that even passengers are brawling in the jet way. This is a good example where police officers or security should have been called unlike in the Dr. Dao scenario.

  3. Enough of the airline vs public stories. Flying isn’t fun. We all know that. It’s stressful for all involved. Enough

  4. Man, I really have to figure out how to fly private without having to take a mortgage out on my house. People are turning flying into freakin thunderdome with this air rage.

  5. All these stories of late are a sad testament on what we’ve become as a society. Passengers are stressed out, crews are stressed to the max. The “Milwaukee pee guy” was seriously gunning for a showdown. FAA rules … “rule”. He blatantly violated them, and Delta’s people stayed calm during that 9 minute video. As for this Pilot … congratulations to him. Two women – or men – fighting in a jet bridge is just UNACCEPTABLE behavior. The pilot broke up a fight … period. Don’t get all gender about it; if it had been two men, would the social haters still be making such a big fuss about it ? NO !! Two women fighting in a confined area is just as bad as two men – it doesn’t belong there and should have been nipped in the bud. I say KUDOS to the Delta pilot who acted decisively to end an event that put his aircraft, crew and other passengers in danger.

  6. This will be easier to control once the republicans and Trump remove the gun ban from airplanes and airports. I doubt these women would be fighting if guns were allowed onboard.

  7. It’s real news. Maybe they were two flight attendants. Wasn’t Delta the airline that had to make an emergency landing because two female flight attendants got into a fight onboard a flight?

  8. I do not where all these damn selfish passengers got the idea that they can just misbehave, throw tantrums and cause other people all the trouble they want.

    There needs to be some SEVERE attitude adjustment among the flying public. Hell, among the PUBLIC, period. Too many spoiled brats today. They deserve discipline.

  9. Delta must be adopting the Ray Rice/Joe Mixon approach to conflict resolution. The pilot is being counseled for not hitting the lady harder.

  10. Welcome to the Trump era. You can grab any body part you want and punch people and it’s all acceptable behavior.

  11. Before I saw the video…and just read the article..I knew it would involve two “sisters”

  12. Dem hoes be lucky.

    If this had been Chicago the police would have been there in a flash and capped one of the biatches.

  13. The third to the last time I flew I adjusted somebody’s ankle for her and she yelped and removed it from my armrest. The drunk wench was sitting in the row behind us and had her smelly foot shoved through the seatbacks. I don’t take surveys and I don’t take prisoners. I twisted that mf’er til she hollered like a stuck pig. She’s lucky I wasn’t drinking scalding hot coffee. I told her that was the next thing I planned to order. Also, I’d complained to the flight attendants three times about her feet and the drunken behavior behind us. They kept serving her alcohol, too. When we landed she was too afraid to leave the plane. I told her I’d give her a head start but she declined and let me leave first. That was my first and only bout of air-rage in thirty years of flying.

  14. @ Sandra: Seriously, you are my new hero! 🙂

    That’s a great method to get people to keep their feet at home.

  15. Where are the flight attendants in all of this? This is their job! And why are they escalating by continuing to serve alcohol? Why do they let those folks board anyway if they are obviously drunk? WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? I tell you–it looks like the floods are coming again–or should be.

  16. @JC The sad part of the story is that we were both white women in our late 50’s at the time. I blame the flight attendants for allowing her behavior to go on and continuing to give her alcohol throughout the flight. There was a whole lot more going on than her feet through the seatbacks.A less patient and devious person that I am would have hopped into the aisle and pulled her to the floor. She needed to be duck taped to her seat. Jest sayin…

    Regarding the Delta pilot breaking up the fight, I’d say the flight attendants knew there was a problem with those two and didn’t handle it when they should have.

  17. @ Sandra: You did the right thing. I’d have burned her feet with boiling hot water. “It was an accident.” Nobody could fault you.

  18. He was trying to break up the fight. That’s what you’re supposed to do! Sigh…

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