Wow: Hyatt’s Alila Ventana Big Sur Is Now All-Inclusive, No Increase In Points For Awards

Several readers were surprised recently when I wrote that Alila Ventana Big Sur probably plays a role in the dream trip I have that I’ve never taken.

California’s Pacific Coast Highway is one of the most beautiful drives in the world, and I’ve done Spain’s Costa Brava. I can’t imagine anything more special than taking that drive in a 1966 Cobra (with red racing stripes, natch).

Shortly before I joined the UCLA Debate Team, which had just won a national title, my debate coach advised and had a cameo in a film loosely based on the team. It starred Kirk Cameron, Jami Gertz, and Roy Scheider and was based at the fictional ‘Kenmont College’ which used the Pepperdine campus. When you see the standings board in the film UCLA is in first place, its top rival was in last place, and my coach gave out the championship trophy.

Tim Quill played team captain Garson McKellar, and Garson took both Cameron and Gertz along the PCH in his Cobra.

Their drive ended at McKellar’s father’s home, but for me it would end with a stay overlooking Big Sur.

Hyatt’s Alila Ventana Big Sur is a category 7 award property, so 30,000 points per night which is the highest price Hyatt charges for any of their own brands – outside of Miraval properties which are all-inclusive.

Ventana Big Sur has adjusted its service and is currently selling only all-inclusive stays (alcohol extra). Bottom-line is all rates include three meals a day whether taken via room service, as a picnic, or in a restaurant. And One Mile at a Time confirmed this is being honored for award stays at no additional cost.

Each Ventana booking now features the following inclusive offerings:

  • Dining in-room (all meals), poolside on your dedicated chaise lounge (lunch), or at The Sur House (breakfast and dinner)—which has a spacious new seating plan and is now reserved exclusively for resort guests.
  • Convenient, healthy, and inspiring snacks to take on the day’s adventures, along with complimentary keepsake reusable water bottles.
  • Access to the resort’s Signature Experiences such as Yoga, meditation, Tai Chi, and daily hikes.
  • The Ventana Big Sur picnic program.
  • Access to indoor and outdoor fitness studios.
  • Volvo chauffeur service within a three-mile radius
  • Access to private, reservation-only indoor and outdoor wellness studios.
  • The Excursion Outpost, featuring complimentary items for your use on picnics, hikes, and more.
  • New outdoor lounging nooks across the grounds, perfect for couples.

That means you can spend 30,000 points per night – same as before – and have all of your dining included, booking rooms that run $1500++. The property re-opens in mid-July. It’s a special place, and right now a special value when you can find rooms available for redemption. And it means I just need to find someone to rent me a ’66 Cobra.

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  1. The west coast is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful nature. People are polite. Food is delicious. Weather perfect. Top notch employers, schools and universities.

    I can’t understand why Americans who have the choice would choose to live anywhere else in the country.

  2. @jason Well for starters Cali state income tax can go up to 12.3% in addition to up to 37% of federal taxes. The cost of living is also inflated by at least 40% compared to other states – which is crazy. Yeah it’s a gorgeous place but why not just visit instead

  3. Jason:

    There’s no denying west coast is beautiful and food is delicious and weather is great.

    Why people don’t? #1 is probably $. #2, on average people are more snobby and anywhere that isn’t Cali is equivalent to Somalia in their eyes. Not a one time occurrence either.

  4. 30,000 points for night for $1,500 cash stay would be a pretty good use of UR imo. Hope this sticks.

  5. @Jason: As a Californian I found your comment about us being polite entertaining! But I suppose politeness can come in different forms

  6. @Jason. I agree and live here in Southern California. Nothing beats it. However, it’s NOT cheap here. Housing is really expensive. Taxes are really expensive. Food and gas are really expensive. Electricity is expensive. (I had a $1,200/month electricity bill before I got solar).

    Pretty amazing but pretty expensive.

  7. Both my wife and I are UCLA graduates, and used to sneak off to the Pepperdine campus sometimes during finals week to study in peace and quiet…

    Our honeymoon was in a red convertible from the Bel Air to San Francisco, though in that part of Big Sur we chose to stay at the Post Ranch Inn (it’s on the water side of the road, and has a much better view). Regardless, I’d certainly do this redemption, if I could figure out a way to get to California and back…

  8. @Jason – If everyone lived on the West Coast North America would tip over, come one man !

  9. Wowzers sooo exciting! My girls friends and I used our points for a stay in late aug. with our points, this value is now incredible! Thanks for the research and update!!

  10. Your post made me stop procrastinating on locking in a stay at this dream locale. The award calendar is filling up fast so we snagged 3 weekend nights next April. I couldn’t tell if the all-inclusive component is permanent or just during the COVID-19 period? It would be fantastic to have all-inclusive when we stay there in 10 months.

    The cash value of our 90K-point stay with taxes and fees is a whopping $6170. Sweet!

  11. Just here to agree with Hepworth… .when you come from NYC, people in SoCal really do seem quite nice. It’s not that they are sugary sweet, but they definitely lack the gruffness of a NYer and every winter that I spend time in LA, I’m struck by how friendly everyone (outside of perhaps the WeHo and maybe DTLA areas) is.

    As an aside which is actually on topic, this Ventana deal is awesome and I’ve already booked a long weekend for next year. It’s now an over 6 cpp Hyatt redemption and an 18% return on CSR spend 😉

  12. Any way to search available dates for points bookings other than checking day by day? Can’t seem to find any sort of flexible calendar interface, and what a pain to search one day at a time.

  13. @Mike Saint: you said ” I agree and live here in Southern California. Nothing beats it. ” Sorry, but something does beat it: NorCal 🙂 (but still expensive…)

  14. You have to call reservations and find a patient representative who will scroll through. A couple of nights here and there in Nov and December. Did not check beyond that. Nothing before Nov.

  15. Has anyone actually booked a new reservation? I just spoke with the property directly and Was told they are not accepting new points reservations after the move to all inclusive

  16. This is a great property; I’ve stayed there with the wife a few times, but now prefer Post Ranch Inn across the Highway on the cliff above the ocean. Yes, it’s much more expensive and no points redemption, so that make the Ventana property by Hyatt a great deal.
    BTW… a 70 year old native Californian, we are only snobby to those who refer to California as Cali. The word ‘California’ is not difficult to say and not too long to spell out. Cali, of course is a city in Columbia. My best to all, and stay healthy!

  17. I went day by day through march and did not see any availability. I am skeptical that they are still making points bookings available .

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