Wow. Watch This Amazing Landing Without a Nose Gear By an Iran Air 727

This Iran Air pilot lands like a boss. With no landing gear deployed at the plane’s nose, it touches down perfectly and slows down before lowering the plane’s nose and coming to a stop. There are no sparks as the plane hits the runway so while I cannot tell from the video the airport’s emergency response must have included foam of some kind.

I couldn’t even tell anything was wrong until 20 seconds into the video. But from 28 to 50 seconds it’s amazing. Watch:

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  1. No need

    But none of them are of my own making. They are used in different parts all the time in the middle east.

  2. So a bunch of perfectly innocent Iranians on a plane experiencing trouble, landed by a heroic Iranian pilot with amazing skill – and all you could come up with were some offensive, stereotypical statements that, in effect, painted those passengers and/or the pilot as “terrorists” seeking “72 virgins”.

    Very classy…

  3. Like a boss, yes, but come on: Patrick Smith would be very disappointed.

    Obligatory quote:

    “But in truth, while landing gear malfunctions are sometimes splendidly telegenic, rarely if ever are they going to end in catastrophe. Trust me, the need to circle while pilots troubleshoot a gear problem, as happens every so often, is no reason to go scribbling your last will and testament on the back of a barf bag.”

    So splendidly telegenic, but not particualrly dangerous.

  4. one of the problems that sanctions have created is the inability of Iranian airlines to purchase new aircraft. pretty amazing to see this. I’m wondering why the runway wasn’t sprayed down with fire retardant foam prior to landing?

  5. My point is that you’re assuming just as the other person is. If you can’t see that, well, I don’t know what else to say.

  6. Wow – you were so right that you don’t notice anything’s wrong until landing and then your mouth just drops. Great job, Captain. Sully #2

  7. I’m genuinely surprised by some of the comments. I let them stand, as is my practice, because more than anything they reflect on the commenters themselves.

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