You Can Now Install Your Own Stained Glass Window Next To Your Airplane Seat

Real customers have come up with inventions to improve the inflight experience. They’re not always uncontroversial. The knee defender keeps the passenger in front of you from reclining but has also led to conflicts. Less so the armrest splitter or the spAIRtray which gives you a little ledge beside the window seat that you install in the aircraft window.

Now comes a new innovation truly for our times: a stick on, peel off faux stained glass window to create ambiance in the cabin, help you pray, and stand between you and germs on the window.

Depending on the aircraft type (and thus the specific window) prices range from $25 – $50. Since only the cheapest Airbus A330 window is out of stock I’m guess that either people are just buying for the novelty and don’t intend to actually use it, or don’t realize it isn’t ‘one size fits all’ and just buy the first option presented.

The Boeing 787 version is most expensive, the company doesn’t say but perhaps a portion of each sale will go to help with Boeing’s requested government bailout. Smaller Boeing aircraft have a different size, and there’s no specific 737 MAX design which is a shame considering the stick-on stained glass window’s intended use.

You may not want to ‘catch the spirit’ and call out to Jesus at the start of every flight, but if it’s true that there are no atheists in a foxhole (or during a pandemic) then who couldn’t use a little bit of extra spirituality the next time they’re in public on an aircraft? I still prefer gazing out the window myself – the View of The Wing as it were. But some may even see this as improving the cabin decor, albeit temporarily.

(HT: Paul H.)

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  1. I’d consider buying one, but I’m not a fan of the “one style fits all” option. They could come in handy for your next 707 flight, though.

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