You Don’t Have to Go to Jetsetter for a Discount on Groundlink

Via Joey M. there’s a New York City Groundlink offer on Groupon.

Groupon’s deal is $29 for LaGuardia or $39 for JFK or Newark transportation.

And you can get miles, points, or cash back for shopping through your favorite mileage portal, the offers from Chase Ultimate Rewards and from the AAdvantage Mall appear especially lucrative.

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  1. enjoy all, i used them in jan when jetsetter had the deal, they were on time and actually sent me an escalade too. Not bad if you have travel coming up, its good for rush hour when taxis are hard to come by.

  2. During the Jetsetter promo the first time. A driver from SFO charged us a wait fee, when he didn’t speak english well and had to circle at the airport. I booked the car for X time, 45 minutes after the flight arrival. Groundlink said if I wanted that time I had to call them, if not, they track the flight and your wait time begins then. I explained that I booked a car for a certain time to give us time to get off the plane, bathroom, eat if we want, etc. Didn’t matter. With that said, we still got the car within the 30 minute wait time. The manager refused to refund the wait fee and then was hostile. said she would have to pull up the GPS records of the car and get back to me because the driver had a different story. That was 4 months ago and that manager never called me back like she promised the next day. I had to call back and got a very friendly on duty manager who promptly understood the situation and put in a refund request.

    Was in a tough spot for a last minute flight out of DCA this month and had to get a car ASAP. Booked Groundlink. Car arrived on time, but guess what. The driver had no idea where DCA was. I had to keep providing him directions because he was constantly trying to go in the wrong direction.

    Cars are nice, but not worth the hassles you need to go through. If you are waiting somewhere and can simply wait for the car to arrive and know the directions to where you want to go and want to not enjoy a relaxing ride, but keep watch to make sure you are going to the right place, then by all means use Groundlink. If you want a hassle free, worry free ride, I would say avoid.

  3. Can’t believe you still even mention AAdvantage Mall. They didn’t credit my last purchase, and it took me more than a dozen emails to get their attention. Finally they emailed me: “sorry, your mileage will post in 15 business days”. When it wasnt’t there a month later, I started emailing them again. After 25 unanswered emails over a 2 month period, I gave up. 25 emails and not a single response ! I’ll never deal with them again.

    For those that don’t already know, AAdvantage Mall is NOT an AA program, it is an independent contractor licensed to use the AA name. If you buy thru them, and have problems…and if you buy thru them you WILL have problems….AA will disavow any responsibility at all.

  4. @Robert Hanson for what it’s worth I find Cartera Commerce better than Freecause at adminsitering shopping sites, not great — things work properly most of the time for me but when they don’t that is when there’s a customer service issue. One of the reasons the Chase Ultimate Rewards Mall has become so popular is because they manage the customer service well.

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