You May Circle Less On Your Next Flight and Uber Considers Merger

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  1. Comparing yourself to Holocaust victims because you have to take off your shoes to go through airport security seems a bit hyperbolic.

  2. I do not watch any long form entertainment on my device as it bothers my eyes to concentrate on something that size. United keeps sinking.

  3. I don’t care how seat widths and pitch drive down prices, there are clearly safety issues here. Does someone have to die or be injured before something is done about passenger space and safety?

  4. Watching stuff on my iPad sucks. Even though the screen is better and it’s a much faster UI, it still requires me to bend my neck down or hold my tablet up, which gets uncomfortable after a while. If Scott Kirby wants to ruin everything included in flight entertainment, he needs to give us seat back tablet holders that let you put your neck in a more ergonomic position.

  5. @Gary

    Re: reducing circling approaches

    Gary, I don’t think that article means what you think it means. If you do know what it means, then the way you phrased the title and links certainly mislead the reader.

    1) Usually when normal peeps use the term “circle the airport”, they’re talking about flying a holding pattern, e.g, an airborne delay because they can’t get into the airport for some reason. The article in no way shape or form is referring to that.

    2) The thing that the article is referring is not often flown by commercial airliners. It can be in some circumstances, but at all of the major airports, that procedure will rarely be used unless in extenuating circumstances.

    3) The thing the article is referring to never involves flying a full circle around the airport anyway. I’d be surprised if it adds more than two or three minutes of flying time, the use of it should be imperceptible to passengers.

  6. Scott Kirby. should get a job at Spirt or SW. at lest at those two airlines the pax expect to lose everything and get nothing.

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