Your Chance to Speak Your Mind on Airport Security

… directly to the guy who gave us much of what we endure today.

As noted last week, former TSA administrator Kip Hawley will appear on Laugh In (“Sock it to me!”), err Milepoint at 9pm Eastern tomorrow night.

The event page is here, you can also sign up for an email reminder.

I call the 1 quart ziploc bag within which my 3 ounce liquids are supposed to go a “Freedom Baggie.” Others refer to it as a “kippie,” named for Kip Hawley. I know I’ll let him know what I think, and hear what he has to say, especially considering that he seems to have had a change of heart

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  1. I’ve been reading much about this guy in the media lately. While it’s good that he’s finally had a change of heart, I think it just shows how weak of a character he is. He’s committing the number one faux-pas in the world: doing something and defending it, then, afterwards, crying fowl and saying that it wasn’t his fault and trying to blame others for it. So now he only leaves us with one of two conclusions: either he’s the bumbling, incompetent person who came up with these idiocies, or he’s the weak, ineffective puppet who just played along and shouldn’t have been in a leadership position to begin with. Either way, no respect… I hope he gets his rear-end handed to him on MilePoint, though it doesn’t make a difference to us, flyers either way.

  2. the guy is a fraud and piece of crap. What a miserable human being. When put in a position of authority and given a chance to make a difference. He didnt.

  3. an absolute waste of time talking to a person who represents a system that is arbitrary at best and beyond moronic at worst. taking off shoes, liquid limitations and all the rest of it- but all they have to do is say “terrorism” or “home land security” or some other fear jargon and then dimwitted people get scared and crap their pants and then we have to follow along with what these airheads think is necessary. in the future, there will probably be even more limitations, which will emerge when some future scenario of idiocy occurs in the sky. tell that jerk thanks for nothing!

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