You’re Pronouncing Marriott Wrong and American to Improve Domestic First Class Seats

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  1. Just like Avis, those earbuds are a stripped-down version of what you use at home, acceptable only because at that specific place and time you have no other viable options. It’s brilliant.

  2. No one outside the USA would have pronounced it with an -ought, ever. It’s a relatively common English surname and has always been pronounced -it ( although the -it is truncated and not fully expressed)
    ( eg, Steve Marriott, The Small Faces).

  3. I’ve known how to pronounce it for quite some time, but choose the Marry-ought pronunciation because people look at me weird when I say Marry-it. The problem is that their own employees say Marry-ought quite often. Anyone else notice this?

  4. I just call it Bonvoy! now. Way easier, plus they have those catchy commercials! That’s BONvoy! by the way, not bonVOY!, also you will need to add an “!” to the end of the word from now on. /s

  5. Ugh, Gary you linked an article by Chris Matyszczyk, the king of click bait. He’s the single reason why I don’t visit Inc anymore.

  6. It’s actually Marry-uht

    And those Avis ear-buds are branded as well, it’s not just the packaging. Avis should realize that coupling themselves with a dumpster fire like AA is not a good idea.

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