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  1. Not sure who tammy gonzalez is or what she wants to be but she needs to be aware that leaving a middle seat empty is not a law, and neither is social distancing
    If she feels unsafe she can drive from dallas to fresno (although it is more dangerous than flying even with full plane) and if this is the most unsafe she ever felt in her life she either needs to live a more interesting life, or stop reading news about the virus
    Either way I feel sorry for her

  2. sorry buying an extra seat is a non starter. if airlines took even a modicum of social responsibility they would have a better overall brand image and be able to sell more expensive tickets and generally be more profitable IMHO

  3. Damn Doug, you seem like a real joy.

    Isn’t there some child who is too close to your lawn that you should be yelling at?

    Are there really still a few people, like Doug, who don’t seem to believe that this virus is dangerous and something to be avoided?

  4. @tammygonzalez… First, as she noted, these are CDC guidelines, not rules.

    Second, the airlines have to make a buck; they have a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to do so. If the 6′ rule were used they would only be selling the window seats in every third row.

    Third, no one was compelling her to fly or to remain on the plane once she saw how crowded it was. She could have gotten off before the door was closed.

    If anyone thinks it is too risky to fly, then I have a simple suggestion: Don’t Fly!!!

  5. @bgodiver
    Tammy is trying hard to be some kind of twitter influencer, and being an intelligent functioning human being is not a requirement for that
    The concept of risk toleration is something people like her will never, absolutely never, understand

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