15 Minutes of Free Internet Through Labor Day on Alaska Airlines Flights

Via NotiFlyer, Alaska is offering 15 minutes of free Gogo internet.

Passengers on Alaska Airlines can access Gogo for free for 15 minutes on Alaska Airlines through Sept. 3, 2012. The offer is valid on flights within and between the West Coast and Alaska.

Just like that darned drug dealer standing on the corner by the elementary school. Fifteen free minutes of internet crack and you’ll be hooked. You’ll want to send your response to the email you just downloaded. Or finish watching that clip of South Park parodying What What in the Butt (which the Seventh Circuit just affirmed was fair use and not a copyright infringement).

Of course you can turn down the offer to pay for Gogo internet, and just get hooked on the Milepoint.com frequent flyer community which you can access in the air for free with Gogo wireless through June 30.

There you have it. Alaska Airlines is the crack dealer, trying to get you hooked on Gogo. It’s some seriously addictive stuff. I know I’m hooked.

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  1. Wow! What a Wonderful deal. Let’s don’t mention that it takes 12 of those ‘free minutes’ to complete the sign-in process. Even then, it won’t work well and even basic email functions are a 50-50 gamble. After considerable experience with on-board WiFi and crippled IFE, I’ve gone back to the really old-fashioned, printed BOOK for my IFE. Even when announced and promoted, it never seems to be available on my airplane. ‘The feet just has not gotten this far yet…’ – or it does not work or that 12″ screen, 18 rows ahead cannot be seen, let alone anything on it. More often than not, the reading lights work. Ear plugs and a good book work just fine. Of note: I’m already so nearly deaf that the ear plugs don’t do much to preserve what is not there. I wear them mostly to convince that chatterbox in the next seat that I do not share her love of engaging conversation. As for in-flight WiFi, don’t waste your time or money. If you still want it, it must be because:
    You want impress a seatmate – or youself
    Prove to your boss that you are trying to work
    Don’t care about money. Ha! If you DO buy the WiFi, get the 24-hour or whole flight option, becasue it will takeat least half the flight to get even a bad connection. It may me a wonderful idea, but they have yet to make it work often enough to make it a good buy. Better to buy one of those week-old samiches, a double scotch and enjoy your book.

  2. Whoopee Gee Wiz! Can they really afford to do that? One day internet will be free, everywhere. But if an airline–the same guys who keep you waiting in the terminal, at the gate and on the tarmac for so many ungodly and often unexplained reasons to give such a penurious “freebie” is a mockery of public relations.

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