1500 United Miles for New Mypoints Members

Ten years ago I used to spend a lot of time with Mypoints, the online shopping portal.

You used to be able to earn a ton of free points easily. I would even click on the email spam they’d send me at 5 points apiece. On top of offers like points for “finding Mypoints Max” on their site (it would move each day but folks would share in online forums where they found him) and game-able offers like fixed bonus points for Amtrak tickets… even $2 tickets.. there was value to be had.

But there are more, and richer, shopping portals today so I don’t give Mypoints nearly the attention that I once did.

There’s a new member bonus worth flagging, though:

Here’s how to pick up 1500 United miles:

  • Sign up and receive 500 miles.
  • Complete your member profile within 30 days for 250 miles
  • Make a purchase of $25 or more at a participating merchant for 750 miles.

Keep records of everything in order to follow up on points if they don’t post.

(HT: Mile Nerd)

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  1. There is also a deal of 250 points per each $50 Panera Gift card (and these are physical gift cards purchased on the home page, limit of 2. If you frequently eat at Panera it’s an extra 500 points.

  2. Just tried signing up but it doesn’t say anything anywhere about United Miles receipt. Is there anywhere that I can add my United MP number?

  3. Keep in mind that Mypoints REQUIRES that you only access their site when PHYSICALLY located inside the USA. I had an account shut down because even though it had a US address, I clicked through to the site from elsewhere.

  4. I have tried GIIFT and they are able to monetize the value of my loyalty and card programs and even trade them. I can connect and share to my friends about interesting offers and promotions without having to worry about expiring miles.

  5. ?? not sure what is going on with this but like other comments I signed up through your link (refer a friend I assume) and there is no place that has asked for my united number and no mention of 1500 miles…can you be more specific?

  6. when I followed the link it took me to the proper place. asked for my MP# and I filled out a form (username, pw) and then clicked the link for getting the bonus points (sent in an email to me, to verify my login) and as I said earlier, did the whole laborious personal profile. it evidently gives me a whopping 60 points. I’ve seen nothing posted about the 500 for activating, the 250 for doing the profile. not feeling the love about making a purchase for ‘even more miles’. hahahahah

  7. I think the offer is for 500/250/750 United points after 30 days, but those points are completely separate from the MyPoints you might earn (i.e. 60 MyPoints for filling out your profile)… so I think we’ll get the United miles in a month or two, but in the mean time can only see the MyPoints in our account. Since each MyPoint is worth about .41 United points, those additional 60 MyPoints will eventually get you 25 more United miles along with whatever MyPoints you get from your purchase… (of course you need 6100 MyPoints to redeem for United miles outside of this promotion.)

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