18 Months Of Paramount+ Streaming For 56 Cents

Doctor of Credit flags that,

  • Sportsline comes with Paramount+
  • Promo code CHAMPS brings a $99.99 annual subscription down to 56 cents. Update: promo code no longer working but TACKLE makes it $10.

You join Sportsline and then add Paramount+ to your account under ‘offers’ just make sure to sign up for both Sportsline and Paramount+ using the same email address.

Note that this isn’t a ‘discounted promotional period’ you’ve signed up for a full year package and used a coupon. I had no problem activating Paramount+ with mine.

Zach Honig points out that this is even better. You can immediately go to your account and select cancel and you’ll be offered six additional free months. I did this and my 56 cents gets me 18 months – not just 12.

I didn’t have much interest in streaming Paramount+ but there’s a lot of content. My wife, daughter or I will certainly watch it once in the next 18 months making it worthwhile. I’ve set a calendar reminder to cancel before the service renews (and I also used a credit card that expires before that happens).

There are shopping portal offers you can try to stack (and pocket $6) but the coupon that brings the price down will probably prevent you from earning it.

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  1. You couldn’t pay me 56 cents a second to watch this drivel. It’s left wing indoctrination of America. Completely retarded and anti-intellectual. Please, if you have free time and are itching to subscribe to something, try e-learning (something like Udemy). A more educated society is happier, more civil and more prosperous.

  2. Pretty unethical to post this long after the deal is gone. It also requires that you input your info on the first screen so they get all your data and you don’t get the deal.

  3. “Tackle” doesn’t work anymore either.

    Pissed I missed this one, as I watch Serie A/Champions League on Paramount and this would have saved me a good amount that I was already spending.

  4. Gary, did you have to sign up
    (or keep) the Sportsline subscription also? It’s kind of pricey, though there was a huge discount for the first 3 months. Irrelevant for most now I know but just curious…..

  5. I don’t know what time you actually published this article, when I saw it on Facebook it had been there for 25 minutes. And from the comments here seems like no one actually was able to take advantage of the offer. So it was most likely dead when you published even though you somehow managed to take advantage.

  6. I signed up because CBS was not on DISH for a while and I wanted to catch some of the football playoff games. An Amex offer also gave $5 off a month for up to three months.. CBS is back on DISH, so I went to cancel. They then offered a free month, so I’ll cancel next month.

  7. Man that sucks. Wish I’d read the comments before going through the whole process. If another code like Tackle comes up would love to hear of it.

  8. @BigBooty

    You are correct except on education as education is controlled by the left and serves as propaganda. It is infuriating how we hear conservatives pushing kids back to in person school when we should want to keep our kids about from these leftist propagandists. Remote learning allows parents to monitor what their children are being taught, record it, and keep their kids away from hanging out with unsuitable types.

    It would be better to say independent education with Udemy or etc. to clarify you mean real knowledge instead of the leftist propaganda at nearly all universities and in primary and secondary education.

  9. @Jackass Waterson: education is run by “the left” because the asswhat GOP prefers no education so they can keep idiots like you poor and controlled. The “left” prefers people thinking. Your party would rather invest in more drones and tanks.

  10. Yup, it’s all dead, dead, dead. Not really much loss since free or near free is the only way I’ll ever subscribe to it. Outside a couple of movies they offer nothing i care about

  11. Ray, you should know that in comments to other articles, Mr. Waterson expressly endorsed nationalist socialist — aka Nazism. The tone of his comments is that of a self-absorbed macaroni.

  12. Funny how a streaming service deal on a travel website has conservative snowflakes pontificating on how the left controls educational institutions. Please take this drivel to Spotify or whatever right wing circle jerk from whence you came.

  13. Paramont+ is a lousy streaming service but it ain’t “left wing.” Or right wing or any wing. Zealots who see everything through a partisan lens and leave comments like that are silly. I pay for the service only so spouse can watch Star Trek, especially Picard.

  14. Daniel, to piggyback on your comment . . . their statements — such as their use of “unsuitable types” or in comments to other articles that white visitors to the US don’t present a COVID risk but “brown-skinned” visitors do — usually strive to establish themselves as better than someone else. This stems from a poor self-image. They understand that their lives have hit a ceiling above which they will not pass . . . and they are frustrated. So, they latch on to a dogma of superiority . . . and become pseudo-intellectuals (hence my earlier reference to self-absorbed “macaroni” — look that one up). And, they come on travel blogs and comment on streaming services because this is their only means by which to self-actualize . . . while engaging in a circle jerk as you suggest.

    As for the Paramount+ streaming service, I agree with Andy.

  15. Does anyone remember the AA Simply Miles donation deal back in December? Remember how short-lived it was? Many people got in on the deal and many people didn’t. Remember all of the comments from people who missed out because it quickly ended? Those who didn’t called the bloggers a whole range of names.

    Gary posts these things in good faith and is trying to help our community. He has no knowledge of how long a deal is going to remain open. When a deal closes and you miss out, to criticize him or call him unethical is unfair. With other sites, it’s the same.

    Reacher says if you hesitate, you die. Stay on top of the news and pull the trigger.

  16. Not only dead: I just checked my card and got charged the full $99, plus no Paramount+, and now these sleazebags refuse to refund, claiming there was NEVER a free Paramount+ offer, and that all no Paramount+ offers were ever included by using “promotional codes”. And no refunds, period.

  17. Gary, are you back posting under multiple pseudoyms again?
    You must be drinking the wine you bought.

  18. It’s worth subscribing to Paramount + for whatever price they want.

    1883 is one of the best shows I’ve seen in ages – Stellar!

  19. So much slight, loose, and self-absorbed comments. And Paramount+ is far from “lousy”. Star Trek Discovery is worth the price of entry, and The Good Wife is great, The Good Fight is great, and Picard was very good. And there’s more.

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