The 20% Chance Donald Trump is an Evil Genius and Hilton’s Jealousy Over Marriott’s Nonsense Brands

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  1. Kevin McCallister grew up to become head of Boeing Commercial Airplanes?! You’d think he would be scarred considering how many times he was abandoned because of airplanes.

  2. Gary wrote in Conde Nest: ‘Donald Trump ran on limiting movement of people and goods.”

    100% wrong, and a silly, moronic point of view. Silicon Valley counterfeits ALL content (destroying the middle class infrastructure), Frequent Flier mile (and hotel) programs have all devalued worse that all of the Presidents combined under racist Obama, racism soared on media false narratives so that hoodlum Obama-ites (mainly thugs) can take the seats and rooms of those who previously earned them (which is why there has been gigantic devaluations), a massive redistribution of wealth took place between 2009 – 2016, and airlines consolidated 10-fold and bought back stock under Obama.

    For example, recently, this massive, overweight black woman and her hood took a villa in the Maldives because of her subsidy abuse through ObamaCare. SHE HAS NO RIGHT TO EVEN BE THERE TO MESS IT ALL UP!!

    In contrast, Donald J. Trump ran to ****INCREASE**** the movement of people and goods so that AMERICA is in the lead with PHYSICAL OBJECTS (not digital crap), law and order, safety, lower taxes, freedom of health insurance, healthcare without IRS brown-coat mandates and tax penalties, and profitable American businesses from sole-proprietors to large corporations to INCREASE competition! This includes breaking up the Big 3 airlines by including 2 more—-look at what he’s doing to Boeing and he has yet to take office!

    Keep wishing, Gary…..keep sticking up for the Arab airlines, the killer communists in Cuba, and [maybe] the killer maniacs in Iran. We’ll fly West toward the Orient and support them and those emerging markets, plus Trump’s ***$1 Trillion investment for American infrastructure***. “This is what no hope looks like”, said racist Moochelle Obama (who looks like a gorilla inside her house “built by slaves”), but then she hops right over to Hawaii wasting more tax-payers dollars than any first lady ever in the history of this God blessed country…..I can’t wait ’til she is out of that WHITE House, I can’t take any more of her lying, race-bating crap!

    See you on RT……It’s okay, I know you’re still learning.

  3. Someone I know ran out of happy pills, aka anti depressants. Melissa, where do you live? I would love to show you what real racism looks like. Because, you have no f^%&king clue.

  4. @Melissa’s muddled thinking and trash talking above is typical of the voters Trump relied on to get to the White House. Insulting the Obamas with a racist rant is deplorable. If there was ever a requirement for would be voters to take a general sanity test before being allowed to vote, this person single-handedly justifies it.

  5. I guess if “Melissa” really wants to get rid of digital crap, she’d disconnect her own internet.

    Good riddance.

  6. I understand that you let all comments go through but I think Melissa needs to be blocked. I have no problem reading different opinions but she/he adds absolutely nothing to the discussion.

  7. Melissa is a typical Trump rah rah rah voter – the uneducated people Trump says he loves. One must feel sorry for her pitiful life for her to be so angry in public all the time.

  8. Yes, we know you are anti-Trump and rant like a “snowflake.” Trump won.. the real world and real people are happy. We don’t come to this website to hear your stupid opinions on Trump.. Move on with it.

  9. Gee, before I read Melissa’s comment, I actually thought the frequent flyer community might be just a bit more sophisticated and a bit less racist than the general public. I guess I was wrong.

  10. Melissa you need to fly off to somewhere else and live in your world of hate fantasy and fascist rumor. I hear that Facebook has lots of fake news. Go spend time there. Oh, by the way, stupid is forever, and racists do not win. You are truly a disgusting and ignorant person. Get lost.

  11. @CoolHandLuke Let’s take the insanity test further. Those who run for public office should pass the test.

  12. PSL… Ignore Melissa— her political views aside (which I am not siding with or against), her comment neglected to mention what Jeff said above her… which is the most important part of this news roundup. Most of us are sophisticated enough to recognize the more pressing issues.

    Jeff… awesome catch!

  13. @DeeplyConcerned~ yep, that idea should be first and foremost! Then the looming disaster would have been avoided.

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