Virgin America Gone as a Starwood Transfer Partner Without Notice?

The announcement that Virgin America points would transfer to Alaska Airlines at a ratio of 1 to 1.3 created an opportunity.

Starwood points have transferred 1:1 into Virgin America. 20,000 Starwood points yield 25,000 Virgin America points. And a 30% conversion bonus, given Alaska’s purchase of Virgin America, will mean 32,500 Alaska miles.

That was the theory anyway, and it was an opportunity which was available briefly. But now Virgin America has disappeared from the list of Starwood transfer options.

They do still appear to be a transfer option on the Marriott Rewards website.

I’ve inquired as to what’s going on here.

(HT: ktenorman)

Update: Apparently Starwood’s twitter team says it’s a glitch.

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  1. No big deal. SPG is worth far more using other tricks instead of transferring into Alaska or Elevate.

  2. @Credit – 65K SPG will get me a RT from NYC – Milan in business class on Emirates. I think that is better, since I live on the east coast. Or 115K SPG gets me around the world in First Class on Emirates. Either of those work for me.

  3. Ok thanks chris jensen.

    Gary, I have been discussing with one of the fare aggregator sites that they should show fare codes for all the fares so that I can choose which one is a good deal even before I go through the process of trying to buy the ticket. I think frequent miles are valuable and how many I will get (or the fare code) should be prominently displayed (just like the final ticket price is) at the comparison point on the webpage. I think this needs a regulatory advice or perhaps a law (similarly to what was done when congress required fares to include all fees, taxes etc in the price that is shown). You bloggers (and your readers which includes me) should push for this.

  4. Gotta wonder if this isn’t a ploy to get people off the fence who might be considering a transfer ( hey, it’s getting me to call)

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