2000 Free Lufthansa Miles for Joining Their Kids Program (And Why You Want To)

Several years ago I joined the JetFriends program which is designed for children.

The reason I wanted to be a member is because for some reason I’ve not known the answer to, the Miles&More program wouldn’t allow members without miles in their account to search for award space (and I much wanted to be able to search Lufthansa and Swiss award availability as offered to their own members as opposed to as offered to their partners like United or ANA), but that restriction was lifted for members of this program.

At the time I had to mail in written parental consent to be a member of the program. I had no problem giving my own consent, of course.

Fortunately it appears that paper and postage is no longer necessary, consent is now handled via email.

And JetFriends is offering 2000 miles for joining.

All new JetFriends members are helped to get off the ground with 2,000 miles takeoff credit! There are also more miles to be earned for every flight you make, and with all Miles & More partners. But that’s not all – JetFriends offers even more benefits! Members of the free club are given a deep insight into the world of flying, not just at the JetFriends website, but also on special guided tours for kids through the airport and the Austrian Airlines hangar.

Although your date of birth when registering for the program will need to suggest you’re between the ages of 2 and 17.

When you go to the JetFriends page you can change the language from German to English if you wish at the bottom left of the page.

(HT: Miles Momma)

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  1. It does not work. When I try to register and put in my Miles & More number, it is telling me that my card is not valid. I guess they automatically check your age in your Miles & More profile. And your are not allowed to change your age in your profile…

  2. That doesn’t mean that “it does not work” it means, as I said, that it is only open to accounts that identify the holder as being ages 2-17.

  3. Getting an error message:

    Note: For security reasons you need to check in again.
    An internal error has occurred (true).

    Used a precise, but not accurate, DOB. DOB does not appear in my LH profile, so that may not be the issue.

  4. I just signed up for a new Miles & More account and opted to receive the Lufthansa newsletter. This resulted in an immediate posting of 500 miles. No need to act like a child.:)

  5. Gary –

    I love your stuff, and read your posts every day, but I have to take issue with what you’re proposing here. Unless you’re between the ages of 2-17, this is fraud, plain and simple. You’re lying in order to gain something of value that they wouldn’t have given you if you hadn’t lied.

    I’m all in favor of being aggressive, but I don’t think you should be promoting fraud.


  6. I have kids who qualify, but is there any point in having only 2000 MM points? How can I get them more points if they don’t fly LH or Austrian?

  7. •Note: For security reasons you need to check in again.
    •An internal error has occurred (true).

    Tried to sign up my daughter and received this message

  8. Yes, it meets the five elements of common law fraud. Now that we’ve established that and the damages of less than $10,
    I don’t see how you get the 2,000 miles into your own account though, which would seem to be the point.

  9. Gary, I’m learning so much through you, but I have noticed a problem when I apply for credit cards. My Miles and More card has posted the 20,000 miles for signing up with the card. I remember that there was also a miles bonus for spending $5000 in 90 days. When I called Miles and More to ask how close I was to my bonus I was told that there was no further bonus of miles. I asked them to make sure this is correct, they said they did after going through some files and that was it. Am I crazy or was there a total of 40,000 bonus miles on this promotion? Have you found a way to document the terms of the deal so that you can track it?

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