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A brewing USAirways controversy

Jeffrey Gitomer wrote a column critical of USAirways and now rumor on the street is that USAirways has banned Mr. Gitomer from flying the airline and confiscated his miles. Word is that Mr. Gitomer says his ban is due to criticizing the airline in print.USAirways responded at length to the editorial, intimating that Mr. Gitomer is a chronic complainer who has been abusive to the airline’s employees for years. Though the response doesn’t say anything about banning the man from the airline, if they did indeed do so another plausible explanation may be that it’s action (perhaps even long overdue) to protect its employees.I’m in no position to evaluate the competing claims, and not all of the story has likely been told yet, but it’s a fascinating developing soap opera.For what it’s worth, Jeffrey Gitomer…

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Choo Choo

Amtrak will give you 500 Guest Rewards points for signing up for electronic rather than paper account statements by December 31st.

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Northwest Worldperks Signup Bonus

If you’re taking a Northwest flight, be sure to sign up for their frequent flyer program with this link to receive 1000 bonus miles for your first flight and 5000 bonus miles for your second. You have six months to complete the second flight, but you must sign up for this offer by December 15, 2003.

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Frequent Flyer Programs Work

They influence purchasing decisions. An interesting statistic: Theunis Potgieter, the senior executive manager at SAA Voyager, says research shows that frequent-flyer programmes influence 30 to 35 percent of consumers who are choosing an airline.

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