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Ranking the World’s Busiest Long Haul Airline Routes

Feb 29 2016

The busiest airline routes are short haul routes. In the US that’s Chicago – New York and Los Angeles – San Francisco, though neither of those break into the world’s top 10.

Worldwide the most passengers each year travel between Seoul and Jeju, Tokyo and Fukuoka, and Sydney and Melbourne. By seat capacity Japanese domestic route Sapporo – Tokyo slides into the number two slot.

For long distance routes, based on capacity, these are the 10 biggest routes:

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Who Wants a Free $2500 Stay in Bali?

Feb 29 2016

Bali is one of my favorite relaxing places in the world. I go to the Maldives often, but it can be tough to get to and tough to get awards to. When folks come to me looking for French Polynesia and can’t find awards I’ll often suggest Bali.

It’s an interesting place with good food, cultural activities, and some of the world’s friendliest people. And there’s fantastic luxury accommodations available at reasonable prices for those spending US dollars.

Viceroy Bali is a family-owned resort with just 25 private pool villas. It’s in the artistic region of Ubud, so a nice departure from the more sterile Nusa Dua area of Westernized resorts. It’s a TripAdvisor 5-star and 2016 Travelers Choice award winner. I’ve seen very few properties with reviews this good. In fact, It’s TripAdvisor’s #11 of top 25 luxury hotels in the world.

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Would the Government Have Shot Down a Flight Trying to Avoid a Helicopter?

Feb 28 2016

Washington National airport, the close-in airport for DC, has strict rules for routing landings and departures. This is both the result of noise restrictions but also for security. Planes come close to national monuments and even the White House. Deviate and fighter jets can scramble. Miss and approach and you can get sent to Dulles airport.

Most of downtown D.C. below 18,000 feet is prohibited airspace. There’s a narrow path pilots have to fly, that’s pretty cool for passengers. The River Visual approach causes aircraft to hug the Potomac and turn just before landing.

Flights taking off to the North climb quickly and turn left — one doesn’t want to get shot down approaching the Washington Monument and White House!

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Donald Trump’s Employees and Family are Concerned What His Candidacy is Doing to their Hotel Business

Feb 27 2016

The Old Post Office in DC at 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue was leased for 140 years to the Trump Organization to create the Trump International Hotel DC. Local celebrity restauranteur Jose Andres was supposed to anchor the hotel’s dining, but backed out of the project as a result of comments by Donald Trump that “Mexico was using the U.S. as a “dumping ground” for drug dealers and rapists.”

Legal wrangling ensued — Andres was backing out of a contract, but claimed it was Trump’s comments that made the project impossible. Discovery in lawsuits like this can be interesting

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Flight Attendants Use MacGuyver Skills to Take Down an Upgraded Passenger

Feb 27 2016

You should never bring your own alcohol onboard. And you shouldn’t mix alcohol with Methylenedioxy Methamphetamine (especially if you’re dating a Kardashian). If you’re lucky you’ll just get written up for an inflight disturbance.

Sometimes a drunk passenger will just expose her breasts. Other times they’ll try to climb into bed with first class passengers.

Elite passengers, though, may be the worst because first class upgrades come with free booze.

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