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Blood in the Water in Rome: With Alitalia on the Brink of Failure, Norwegian Air Introduces Super Cheap Flights

May 31 2017

While claiming that the decision isn’t driven by a floundering Alitalia, Norwegian announced Rome as a Boeing 787 base today.

No doubt Alitalia’s bankruptcy filing a month ago makes Rome even more appealing, but the carrier was bleeding even before that. Their costs are high and their operations inefficient. And their ability to expand across the Atlantic in an advantageous way is, they say, hamstrung by a revenue-sharing joint venture agreement with Air France and Delta that’s a legacy from when Air France was a major investor in the airline.

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Southwest Passenger Locks Himself in Lavatory, Gets Kicked Off, Runs Back Onboard, Gets Zip-Tied

airline cabin
May 30 2017

Southwest Airlines flight WN3630 was delayed Monday night when a passenger “locked himself in the restroom and refused to get out.”

The passenger, whom Southwest said appeared to be drunk, was eventually kicked out of the lavatory and off the aircraft but he “ran back onto the plane” which is when a member of the crew “tackled him and pinned him down.”

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No Laptop Ban Coming for European Flights!!

May 30 2017

The U.S. has told Europe there won’t be an electronics ban on European flights departing for the U.S. and that means there won’t be a ban on US flights departing for Europe either.

Apparently “the U.S. side took into account European concerns about the safety implications of storing devices with lithium batteries in aircraft cargo holds.”

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